Head Start Begins April 5th

Head Start Begins April 5th

Head Start will begin tonight for our age-group swimmers. 

Due to continued COVID restrictions, we have a hard cap on our registration, and both groups are full.  If you have questions about Head Start registration or the waiting list, please contact Erin Reetz.  

We will be adhering to all COVID protocols that were in place during the Short Course (Winter) season, including:

Swimmers should arrive in their suits, ready to swim. 

Swimmers will enter and exit from the back (northeast corner) door of the natatorium. 

Locker rooms are available for restroom use in an emergency (1 swimmer capacity). 

Swimmers must wear a mask into and out of the facility. 

Spectators are prohibited until further notice. 

In order to reduce traffic and numbers in the pool, the Bears and Bear Cubs group will swim from 7-7:50pm, and the Brown and Black Bear group will swim from 8-9pm.  

We look forward to seeing everyone!

Go Bears!

Coach Saltus