Meet News!

Wow! This season is really wrapping up fast!

We have 4 meets over the next 3 weeks, and then we are done. 

This weekend, we have CAK on Friday Night, and Bearden / HVA on Sunday.  Both of these meets need to have workers, I have added the positions for these to the event.  Also, if you have not communicated with Coach Ron the events that you wish to swim, please go to the website and edit your commitment to have the events.  

Schedule For this weekend:

  • Friday, Be at the outdoor pool at 5, meet starts at 6
  • Sunday Be at the pool before 1, meet starts at 2

KISL City Meet 4/17

This meet is at the Kingsport Aquatic Center.  The warm-ups will start at 1:30, with competition starting at 2:30.  I know that the ACT is that day, but it is possible to get to the Aquatic Center in right at 90 minutes.  Malachi is taking the ACT that day, and we are planning on his competing in the meet.

Diving - KISL City Meet & TISCA State Meet 4/17 - Enswork School, Nashville.

TISCA State Meet 4/24-25 

Baylor School, Chattanooga, this meet will have warmups starting each day at 12 edt, with competion starting at 1:30.  Events 1-12 will be on Saturday, 13-24 on Sunday..

Thanks for your patience during this challenging year