Apr 7, 2021 - 2012 MVS Championships - Meet Update


12 & Under Champs Info Volume 2

Parents & Swimmers:

Below are additional pieces of information for the upcoming weekend. For more info on the meet go to the MVS event page for you, your athletes, and parents. There is additional info in this email, so don't think you have read this. 

  • Athlete, Coach, Volunteer waivers are online and MUST be completed by anyone competing or working at the meet. Spectators DO NOT need to complete the waiver. 
  • Timers needed! I will open up the volunteer timer signup today at 5:00pm. They do not count as a spectator, so please let your parents know that there are additional opportunities to see their athletes. Let your parents know.
  • We are running one prelims and one finals session each day. Meet information has been adjusted to reflect the event order. We will start with an 11-12 event and then run the corresponding 10 & Under event. The event numbers are wonky, but the events themselves correlate. This will minimize the need for large breaks after each event cycle. This order will be run for prelims and finals.
  • At finals, we will present medals to the top 3 finishers after each event cycle. Help your swimmers get to the designated spot after their races. Thank you to AAAA for donating the podium!
  • Spectators: Due to facility limits, we will only allow one spectator per family. We will hand out a bracelet to each family as they check in for the meet. All spectators will need to wear their bracelet in order to be admitted into the facility. They will be removable, so sharing between parents will be allowed. Thank you to KCB for donating their live stream equipment! Links will be posted shortly for that.
  • Mask wearing is a must unless you are in the act of eating or drinking. This policy extends to athletes, officials, and volutneers as well. We will provide baggies, disposable masks, and straps for athletes to wear their masks while wearing a cap. Meet personnel are going to be strict on this, and there will be little tolerance for violations. Everyone is subject to removal from the meet.

    More info will be provided as we get it.