Save Evans Pool and the Green Lake Community Center

Seattle Parks and Recreation plans to PRIVATIZE our pool and community center!


The City plans to turn over management of our buildings to the YMCA or some other non-profit. Parks & Rec wants to set up “private/public partnership” with a non-profit like the YMCA, which would pay to tear down, replace and manage our pool and community center. See the 2016 Strategic Plan, (pages 44-50). This will lead to higher entrance fees, programming cuts and replacement of pool and community center staff with low-paid part-time workers.


Claims there’s no money for replacement The 2014 Parks District Plan as supposed to provide a new roof, new HVAC system and other improvements for the pool and community center. NONE of those promises has been kept. The leaking roof and malfunctioning heating and cooling systems cause frequent shut-downs. Why hasn’t the new levy been used to fix up our buildings?


Let’s pack these upcoming community meetings!


Tuesday, March 7, 7 p.m. Hearthstone with City Councilmember, Mike O’Brien Tell him that the City must use public dollars to repair or replace our buildings.


Tuesday, March 14, 7 p.m., Green Lake Advisory Council meeting, Green Lake Community Center: Meet Parks and Recreation Superintendent Jesus Aguirre and tell him NO PRIVATIZATION!


  • Contact Mike O’Brien’s aide, Jesse Perrin, (206) 684-8800, [email protected] and Susan Golub at Parks and Rec, (206) 684-7046, [email protected] to tell them: NO PRIVATIZATION!


  • Join our Facebook group, Save Evans Pool and Green Lake Community Center


  • Help get the word out about this plan. Copy this flyer and hand out copies to fellow swimmers & users of the community center. The more people who show up to the meetings, the better chance that they’ll listen to us. For more info: Susan Helf, [email protected] (206) 782-1836.