SOBA Places First at 2018 SCAA Winter Championship-Congratulations!!

CONGRATULATIONS on a fantastic Winter Championship Meet on Saturday!

SOBA earned the most points at Saturday’s Winter Championship Meet, coming in first in our division and winning the entire meet. We were so thrilled to share that big trophy with everyone at our awards celebration on Monday.

EVERY swimmer who participated Saturday scored points for the team – this was truly a TEAM EFFORT!
  85% of you had at least one personal best time at Winter Champs – WOW!!
    18% had one best time
     33% had two best times, and
      31% had best time in ALL THREE EVENTS – that is FANTASTIC – so proud of you, swimmers!

Ripped Off Award: to the 8 SOBA Swimmers who couldn’t make it due to illness or injury! We missed you!

Most Time Dropped – Sakura Walters  25.25 total 
She gets to take the trophy home for the entire Winter break. Way to go Sake!
Close runners-up and others with big time drops are:
Chloe Nellman 25.06; Kyle Huang 20.83; Sierra Pierson 20.81; Maison Szager 20.39

High point earner – Angelo Cortez with 143 Points
Angelo placed 1st or 2nd in all three of his individual events, and swam on both the Medley and Freestyle relays, which also placed 1st (2 x 42 points). Congratulations Angelo - you get to take the trophy home all this week.

Close runners-up are: Marissa Gullickson 142 points; Jude Robinson 140 points; Kiana Losq 139 points; Rylee Pearson & Adam Varga 136 points; Kaia Henty-Dodd 134 points; Andrea Cornejo & Danny Gonzalez 129 points; Lucas Ro 125 points; Max Janicek 123 points

The Big Trophy
After our ‘most time dropped’ achievers and our high point earners have had their time with the trophy, each swimmer will have the opportunity to take it home for a few days at a time. We’ll go in order of most time dropped (i.e. ‘best’ of the personal best times)

New Team Records
We had 4 new team records set at Saturday’s Winter Champs meet. Congratulations to:
Angelo Cortez M 7-8 25 Y Breaststroke 21.37
Angelo Cortez M 7-8 25 Y Butterfly 17.73
Angelo Cortez M 7-8 100 Y IM 1:25.90
Danny Gonzalez M 15-18 200 Y IM 2:12.04

New Red/Blue/JO Club Members:
The Red, Blue and JO Club represent the different ‘Time Standards’ by age groups outlined by Southern California Swimming. These represent the ‘top’ level of swimming in our region, with the SCSCC being the toughest category, followed by Summer JO, then Blue Times, then Red, followed by White. Coach Dede has created recognition stars for each level, and she tracks the progress (thank you Coach Dede!). Congratulations to …
-The Red Club: NEW members:Ryan C/Br; Sally G/Fl; Genevieve F/100 Fr; Summer J/Bk; Alex N/50 Fr

  Moving up the list with additional red times- Hanna D/ 200 Fr, Aidan J/IM; Max J/50 Fr; Kai L/200 Fr; Malia L/100 Fr; Rylee P/25 Fr

-The Blue Club: NEW members- Andrea C/Br

 Moving up the list with additional blue times- Angelo C/Br; Raina H-D/50 Br
-Summer Junior Olympics: Adam V/50 Fr

  Summer JO Relays: 9-10 Girls Medley Relay: Kaia H-D, Andrea C, Marissa G, Isabelle B
-Spring Junior Olympics: Jude R/50 Bk

If you want to check out the Time Standards (and maybe set out a new goal for yourself), they are available Online at the Southern California Swimming website; the time standards are updated annually.

Special SOBA Champs “Milestones”
-Congrats to our ‘first timers’ at a Championship Meet: Luis A, Bridget B, Liam B, Ryan C, Ali G, Emanuelle G, Cassidy G, Kenzie G, Leo H, Mikail H, Joshua L, Camila M, Malakye M, Matthew M, Chloe N, Van P, Lucas R, Malaia U, Attila V, Enzo V, Enzo Y
-Completing THREE championship Meets: Stephen B, Kate B, Harper H, Summer J, Kiana L, Alex N, Ansel R, Arianna S, Maison S  +  Coach Bronson and Coach Steve
-Honored for participating in FIVE championship meets: Aubree D, Vivi F, Micah F, Loyal G, Vann J, Aidan J, Stefan L, Rylee P, Alexander Z + and Coach Sue!
-Recognized for participating in SEVEN championship meets: Claudia B, Michaela D, Colin G, Maya L, Sofia P, Mario V,
-Shout out for participating in TEN championship meets: Josh H & Isaac R
-11 Champs: Lexi C, Daniel G, Raina H-D, Georgia L-W
-12 Champs: David B, Sally G, Max J, Jude R
-14 Champs: Allison C
-15 Champs: Coach Dean
-17 Champs: Danny G
                (Most champs to date: 20 champs: Kaio M, Lexi Tecun & Jacob Victorica)
-YES, we do have swimmers with 2, 4, 6, 8, 9 champs to their credit (you know who you are!); the aforementioned swimmers hit certain ‘milestones’ which we recognized at Awards Day.

Relays at Champs
We don’t get to do relays often, so it’s really special when we have so many relay teams at champs meets! This year, we had a relay entered in almost every event. Relays are important to the team, because they earn DOUBLE points. Medals are awarded for teams who place 1st, 2nd, and 3rd BUT points are awarded to all teams who place 1st thru 6th

Congratulations on Promotions!
At the conclusion of each season, we often promote swimmers who are ready for the next skill level group. Congratulations to the swimmers whom we are promoting!
-Promoted from C to C1: Kate Boroch, Ellie Harrison, Summer Jordan, Matthew Munoz
(these swimmers now have the option of coming up to four days per week: M-Th)
-Promoted from C1 to B: Previously in January-but let’s make it official: Emanuelle Gonzalez, Malayke Matsumoto, and Lucas Ro. AND Kyra Yates
 (these swimmers now must come 3 days per week, and have the option of coming up to five days per week: M-Fri)
-Promoted from B to B1: Fabiana Del Pino, Sake Walters, Enzo Yex
-Promoted from B1 to A: Reese Davey, Colin Glen, Aidan James, Sofie Szigeti
***Plus we know a couple more of you are really close to promotion to the next group, so keep working hard, and stay tuned for details!***

THANK YOU for all your help with all the ‘jobs’ we were assigned by the league. We really appreciate you pitching in to help make this meet run as smoothly as possible. We are lucky to have so many fantastic team families with SOBA!

Way to go swimmers – we are so proud of you! This was a FANTASTIC way to end the season! We are so thrilled for our team, and so excited for all of your successes at Winter Champs!

We have regular practice times for the rest of this week and next, though we’ll have some fun events, like coach switch up, buddy day, etc.    Then: Winter break is this Friday February 9 thru the following week; see you back Monday February 20. During the break: Pre-Competitive Clinic (Bronson), and JG Clinic (Dede), and Private Lessons with Coaches Bronson and Dede. See EVENT Page for more details – sign up yourself, and/or share the flyers with friends.