Spartan News

Spartan News
September 5, 2018
Welcome to Short Course 2018-2019 !
AunJelle Burton (SPAR Supervisor) attended a DOTD meeting last night regarding the work to be done on the I-210 bridge. First, they stated that the construction could begin anywhere between October and March ! That’s a pretty big window. So … we are going to proceed as if all is normal … until it isn’t. The second takeaway, all lane closures may occur at night (9 pm-4 am). There may not be much of an impact after all ?!? Here is the link to the project website.
Senior Weekday Morning Practice
Beginning Monday, September 10
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
5-6:30 am
The 2018-2019 Meet & Event Schedule is now posted on the website. There are several decisions still to be made regarding meets in April, May, and June. The options are highlighted. An update will be sent out as soon as we select the meets that we will attend.
There are two Spartan Mini Meets listed (September 22 and October 20). The first will most definitely be a Spartan only event … an opportunity to see where we are and, for our newer swimmers, a chance to see how a swim meet works. The second may, or may not, include one or two other teams. More info on the September 22 Mini will be sent soon.
Our Louisiana Swimming business meeting was just over a week ago. The complete Louisiana schedule was settled there and it will take a few weeks for teams to get their meet info posted. Info will be posted on the Spartan website as it becomes available.