Letter to High School Swimmers

November 5, 2018
High school swimming is almost done for the year, but many will stay in the water as members of Spartan Swimming; Calcasieu Parish’s year round competitive swim team.
The best way to learn about Spartan Swimming is to visit our website (spartanswimming.com). The site has information on practice times, event calendars, expectations, coaches’ backgrounds, and much more. On the Home Page, you will find a link to out Try-Out Packet (required to begin with Spartan) and the full Registration Packet.
The current Spartan Seniors will stay in the water, refining their skills, for two weeks after the LHSAA Championships. They will then compete in the Tiger Aquatic (TAQ) Christmas Meet at LSU November 30-December 2. Following the TAQ meet, the Seniors will take a short break (December 3-9).
If you are not currently a Spartan, but would like to get involved right away and participate in the TAQ meet, I will need your Spartan Registration Form and the $100 2019 USA Registration Fee very soon. If this is you, please read the attached expectation memo* sent to all Spartan swimmers regarding practices between November 19 and the TAQ meet.
If you don’t feel ready to jump right in, winter practices will begin Monday, December 10. December 10-15 will be all about stroke-mechanics. This is the time we learn, and re-learn, each of the four strokes. If you intend to swim with the Seniors Group, December 10 would be the time to become a Spartan ! Waiting until after Christmas break is not an option … our winter championships are only five weeks after Christmas break ! If you want to join, but cannot join by December 10, you should wait until after the winter season (March). Do you really want to lose three months of improvement ?
Read through the material, check out the website, and/or call.
Spartan Swimming is moving forward. Join us !
Allan Andersen, Senior Coach