Spartan News

Spartan News / 12.13.18

New Parents Orientation
Thursday, December 20
6 – 7 pm
SPAR’s Yoga Room
Learn how USA Swimming/Spartan Swimming works and why.
While this is labeled New Parents, any and all parents that have questions and/or want a better understanding of the program are encouraged to attend.
12 & Under Christmas Party & Dirty Santa *
Friday, December 21
5:30-7 pm
SPAR’s Yoga Room
Pizza & Water will be served
13 & Over Christmas Party & Dirty Santa *
Saturday, December 22
10:30 am-12 pm
SPAR’s Yoga Room
Breakfast Burritos and Water will be served.
State Meet Parent Meeting
Thursday, January 10
6 – 7 pm
SPAR’s Yoga Room
Spartan Swimming will be hosting the Louisiana Swimming 13 & Over Short Course Championship February 14-17. This is a BIG deal.
ALL families should be represented at this meeting. And, all families should be prepared to assist in running this meet.
* White Elephant or Dirty Santa Gift Exchange
  • Gift: $10-$15 range and suitable for a boy or girl, aged 7-12 (Friday) / 13-18 (Saturday). Please, NO Gift Cards
  • Friday, Spartan will provide pizza and water for the 12 & Unders.
  • Saturday, Spartan will provide breakfast burritos and water for the 13 & Overs.
  • We’d like each family to bring a little something for desert.


Gift Exchange Rules
  • Everyone brings a gift to the party.
  • All gifts should be wrapped with no outside markings.
  • You shouldn't know who the gifts are from or what they are.
  • Everyone will draw a playing card. Cards will be flipped one at a time from a second deck.
  • The first matching card takes a wrapped gift.
  • Cards are again flipped until there is another match.
  • When your card is matched, you can pick a wrapped gift or "steal" an unwrapped gift.
  • If an unwrapped gift is "stolen," the person it is stolen from can then "steal" or pick a wrapped gift.
  • The next person's turn occurs after a wrapped gift is open.
  • The game ends when all gifts are unwrapped and everyone has a gift !
  • A gift cannot be "stolen" more than three times.
  • A gift cannot be immediately stolen back by the person it was stolen from.
  • All gifts must be kept in plain sight.