Coaches Note 06.10.19

Hello! We are having a great week back in the pool and are excited to keep strong moving forward:

1. Practice - Practice has been going smoothly. We have been working on building technique, endurance, and speed in an accelerated way. We have already seen some improvement in a few days. Please try and come to practice as much as you are able and check in with your coach. Please ask your coach any questions  you have about tips, meets, what to eat, etc.

2. Meet Wednesday - Our meet Wednesday is at Woodridge. Please arrive at 5:00p for warmups. Our meet is located at 8301 Janes Ave, Woodridge, IL 60517. 
3. Changes to Meet Availability - If you have not submitted or need to change your availability for meets, please reach out to a coach immediately. We spend time creating lineups and do not want to make a ton of adjustments at the meet. 
4. Volunteering - Get involved as a parent. It is the best way to support the team and help the meet run smoother. Jennifer Ohlson ( will be contacting families to help participate in volunteering. 
5. Updates to Pool - Once we know something more about our home pool, we will immediately send something out to families.
6. Conference T-Shirts - If interested in Conference T-shirt, please fill out the attached form,
8. Stroke Clinic - We are working with other teams and coaches to offer free swim clinics:
Sunday, June 16th: Breaststroke, Backstroke, and Starts
Sunday, June 30th: Butterfly, Freestyle, and Turns
Make sure to click the link below and sign up for "free swim clinics" which this will be hosted at Bartlett PD Splash Central 8:30a-9:30a. 
Thank you!
Your Roselle Coaches