Woodridge Meet and Additional Info

Good afternoon Racers!!

It’s hard to believe, but today will be our first swim meet this season.  With that being said, I wanted to inform the new families and remind the veterans of some things as well as provide additional information.

Tonights Meet @ Woodridge

Woodridge’s Pool location Cypress Cove, 8301 S. Janes Ave (985-5620) South on 355 to 75th St. Right (west on75th to Janes Ave. (first light) Left (south) on Janes Ave. past 83rd St. to pool. 

Time : Warmups are at 5:30pm weather permitting but coaches would like all swimmers there by 5 for check in and to assure everyone is there on time.  Please have your swimmer check in with their coach so they can assure they are there to swim.  Thank you.

Weather DSDC rules are that a meet can NOT be canceled unless there is lightning or thunder at the time of our meet start and after waiting another half an hour and there is more occurrences of either lightning or thunder.   There have been several times where there was a delay and the meet still continued on.  Usually in these cases during weeknights they will try and cut events (relays or exhibition events, etc.) to make sure we are all out of there at a decent time. 

Please bring :

·           Swimsuit

·           Team Cap (Tracy Gonzalez will bring the swim caps tonight to purchase)

·           Extra pair of goggles (in case one should break)

·           Healthy Snacks & Water (they have a small concessions, so bringing money is optional, but we suggest to still bring snacks just in case concessions is not open)

·           Extra towels (this way they have dry towels), warm clothes (hoody, sweatpants, parkas, etc.) to keep them warm.  We don’t want anyone sick.

Suggested to bring :

·           Blanket/Sleeping bag (to keep warm between races)

·           Some bring pop up tents to meets as well – either to keep them dry, bug free, out of the sun, etc.

·           Games (cards, board games – team games is suggested. Please no video games as we want everyone to be with teammates).

·           Foldable chairs

·           Bug spray

·           Sharpie – to write your swimmers events down

Volunteers :

·           Please find Jennifer Ohlson, our new Volunteer Coordinator, to check in. 

·           Thank you again to ALL our volunteers – without you, we couldn’t have a swim meet as the program is mostly ran by volunteers.



Meet Commitment and Job Signups:

We ask that you please update the meet commitment using our website.  We would like to eliminate the hard copy forms in the future and utilize this.  You can sign up for all of your meets ahead of time (no time restriction at this time).  We just ask that you please make sure it is updated a minimum of 3 days prior to the meet as the coaches will utilize this in the near future.

7 days prior to the meet, the job signups will become available on our website: www.roselleracers.org.  We ask that everyone please log onto their account and sign up for something.  If you do not sign up within 2 days prior to the swim meet you will be assigned and expected to work. 

Instructions how to do the above:

Signing up for meet commitment:

1.         Log onto your Roselle Racers website.

2.         On home page click on “Edit Commitment” under the meet (lower right hand side)

3.         Click on your swimmer and choose either “Yes, please sign [Willy] up for this event” -or- “No, thanks, [Willy] will NOT attend this event.

4.         Click Save Changes


Volunteering (this can be done starting 7 days before the event but will be unavailable starting 2 days prior to the event):

1.         Log into your Roselle Racers website.

2.         On home page click on “Job Signup” under the meet (lower right hand side)

3.         Scroll down to the position you would like to fulfill and check the checkbox.

4.         Click Signup

Note – any open positions will be assigned to those families who have athletes attending and have not signed up for anything until all positions have been filled.

On Deck:

Download On Deck on your smart phone – this is a great tool of our website on your phone.  It has the jobs listed for you, what still needs to be filled and such and also your child’s times among a few of the available tools.  Please keep in mind, these times will not be available immediately.  They need to be updated. 

  • Download OnDeck on your phone
  • Enter your email & password associate with your website log in



If you are not on Remind 101, we suggest you signing up.  The coaches send out information using this for motivational links as well as other information.   If you can’t get it to work – please email me vanessa@jalappraising.net and I will send an invite.

  • log onto www.remind.com (download the app)
  • Click on I’m a Parent (this may be a step only on computer)
  • Join Class Roselle Racers
  • Enter Class Code @d4f97d


We ask that ALL families contribute with donations to our concessions.  If everyone chips in each home meet we will have an awesome concession and raise a lot of money that Roselle Racers benefit from.  So PLEASE contribute weekly something – go to the signup or contact any of the concessions crew to discuss. 


Thank you for all of your patience on this long message. 

See you tonight!

Vanessa Lawson & Tracy Gonzalez
Roselle Racers Swim Team