Picture/Potluck Day Update/Changes

Sunday, June 30th – Picture/Potluck Day Update/Changes

Pictures – this will remain the same. We will have our team pictures taken starting at 4pm for group and individual at our pool, at Kemmerling.

Potluck - This year we will be doing our Potluck a little different due to the delay in our pool opening this season.  Roselle Park District is offering a “Pool Pass Appreciation” day on the same day (June 30th) from 1-3pm.  They will be grilling.  The first 600 people will receive some type of gift.  Our Racer families are welcome to attend this in leu of our actual potluck.  Everyone is welcome to stay after pictures for swimming. 

We will offer more information as we receive it.

Vanessa Lawson & Tracy Gonzalez