MS Swimming Bright Ideas Winner

Dear Mississippi Swimming,


              Thank you very much for your participation in USA Swimming's Bright Ideas Contest this year.


              I am pleased to announce that your Bright Idea “Reuse and Recycle Donation Boxes” was selected as category winner in the Club and Coach category.  Congratulations!  This enables Mississippi Swimming to vie for the $1000 Top Prize at the Bright Ideas Finalist Presentation held during the United States Aquatic Sports Convention in St. Louis, Missouri at 8am on Friday September 13th.

              There are 4 category finalists, and each will be given 5 minutes to do a short presentation on their Bright Idea.  Voting will be done onsite by attendees in the room, and the $1000 winning entry will be announced at that gathering.

              Your other two submissions, “Senior Salute” in the Athlete category and “Officials Honor” in the Volunteer category were not chosen as category winners this year.