COVID-19 UPDATE from Sunkist Swim Team


Sunkist Family,
The health and wellness of our swimmers and their families is of our number one priority.  We are staying abreast of the current data, research, and recommendations from medical and governmental authorities, then analyzing this information to make decisions in the best interest of our families and staff. Based on this data, along with the MS Swimming recommendation of a 14-day freeze on all activities, it has been determined that Sunkist Swim Team will not hold practice the weeks of March 15 - March 29. We have committed to weekly reassessing the local and national landscape and providing timely updates to our community.
As partners in such a team environment we understand that we are a community of independent thinkers. We believe this is in part what makes our team so special, but we also acknowledge this reality likely creates a diverse set of opinions about how to exercise wisdom that finds the balance between caution and hysteria. We have provided a summary and list of resources that we believe calls us to take this conservative approach. I encourage all of you to take time to arm yourselves with the most current research in efforts to make informed decisions for your families that extend beyond Sunkist Swim Team.

While the decision to postpone on-campus classes, meetings, and all extra-curricular programs should not come out of fear, paranoia, or coercion to conform to societal norms, a quick dive into the available data and research reveals the threat of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) extends far beyond student -to- student transmission. Scientific data from countries weeks ahead of the United States and Center for Disease Control (CDC) historical research from the 1918 Spanish flu, show that extreme social distancing is proven to mitigate and slow transmission of the virus. Since we have passed the point of containment, social distancing will help curb the severe increase in transmission and fatalities thus effectively spreading out its acute impact, which threatens to overwhelm the healthcare system. Reports from Italy, where the social distancing strategy was not employed, describe such an overwhelmed healthcare system where caregivers are being forced to ration care, ultimately determining the fate of infected patients. Extreme social distancing has been scientifically proven to help mitigate the transmission of viruses reaching pandemic levels such as COVID-19, and its practice is an act of humanity that requires us all to see beyond our current state of health - and beyond our potential presuppositions regarding hysteria - and place the needs of others before ourselves.
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*Information on this page is provided by Saint Augustine Board of Directors. The statement includes a list of recent resources supporting the decision to suspend school operations and practice social distancing.


Coach Mixon