Regional Championship Info - timing schedule and Warm-UP


Hi All,

      Our Championship season continues this weekend with Regional Champs at the Freedom Center in Manassas.  Here is the directions link:

Our Warm Ups are as follows:

                    AM (13&O)                            PM (9-12)                            FINALS Session (approximate)

Fri          6:45 AM (8:10-12:02)       11:45 AM (1:10-4:07)              4:00 PM (5-7:30)

Sat        6:45 AM (8:10-12:35)        12:15PM (1:45-4:51)               4:45 PM (5:45 -8:15)

Sun       7:15 AM (8:10-12:46)        12:45 PM (1:45-5:07)                5:00 PM (6-8:30)

Session lengths in parenthesis are approximate as are warm up times for the finals sessions each evening.  Relays for 13&O will swim in the AM.  PLEASE check with coaches to verify if you are in a relay before leaving each morning!

A Psych Sheet (rank ordering of all competitors in each event – not seeded by heat and lane) is available at the link here: 



Timing Schedule

Friday morning (Lane 7)

1st Stipe

2nd Coppedge

3rd Rowell

4th Coley

Friday afternoon (Lane 6)

1st Tosi/Mullen

2nd Hofmann/Cabrera

Saturday morning (Lane 3)

1st Chuck Sigloh

2nd Rowell

3rd Rosenblatt

Saturday afternoon (Lane 4)

1st Tate

2nd Gohn

3rd  Hilten

4th  Hurdle

Sunday morning (Lane 6)

1st – Paschina

2nd – Kirstine Sigloh

Sunday afternoon (Lane 6)

1st Stelter

2nd Marquis

3rd Saunders