DCST Races with Olympians at Missouri Grand Prix

DCST Races with Olympians at Missouri Grand Prix


Three DCST swimmers got to experience racing some of the elite swimmers in the world at the Missouri Grand Prix.  The meet include the following swimmers:  Olympic gold medalists Rebecca Soni (Plainsboro, N.J.), Dara Torres (Parkland, Fla.) and Ricky Berens (Charlotte, N.C.), along with other Olympians Matt Grevers (Lake Forest, Ill.), Kara Lynn Joyce (Ann Arbor, Mich,), Amanda Weir (Lawrenceville, Ga.), Mark Gangloff (Akron, Ohio), Mike Alexandrov (Champaign, Ill.), Kathleen Hersey (Atlanta, Ga.) and Chloe Sutton (Mission Viejo, Calif.).  National Teamers Nick Thoman (Cincinnati, Ohio), Jessica Hardy (Long Beach, Calif.) and Ariana Kukors (Auburn, Wash.) were also in attendance.   The Grand Prix meet also featured a strong field of international competitors such as Tunisian Olympic gold medalist Ous Mellouli, France’s Fred Bousquet, Austria’s Marcus Rogan, Brazil’s Thiago Pereira and Great Britain’s Simon Burnett.

DCST’s great performances, which included 7 personal best times and 3 new team records, are listed below.


Katie Hallenbeck

            400 Meter Freestyle – 4:46.95 (43rd)

            100 Meter Butterfly – 1:08.62 (54th)

            200 Meter Butterfly

                        Prelims – 2:27.53 (23rd)

                        Finals – 2:26.59 (22nd)

            200 Meter IM – 2:33.94 – Time Trial

            400 Meter IM – 5:20.85 (37th)


Sharron Isola

            100 Meter Backstroke – 1:12.19 (66th)

100 Meter Butterfly – 1:08.15 (51st)

            200 Meter Butterfly – 2:34.15 (35th)


Emily Launer

            200 Meter Freestyle

                        Prelims – 2:09.66 (24th) – New DCST Team Record

                        Finals – 2:09.34 (23rd) – New DCST Team Record

            400 Meter Freestyle

                        Prelims – 4:34.06 (19th)

                        Finals – 4:28.21 (17th) – New DCST Team Record

            800 Meter Freestyle – 9:33.83 (17th)

            100 Meter Backstroke – 1:07.93 (29th)

            200 Meter Backstroke

Prelims – 2:25.53 (14th)

Finals – 2:22.90 (12th)

            400 Meter IM

                        Prelims – 5:10.24 (20th) – New DCST Team Record

                        Finals – 5:07.85 (20th) – New DCST Team Record