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Spring and Summer Learn To Swim program information now available!


Exeter Swim Team is proud to unveil its new Learn-To-Swim program for children ages 5 and over.  All sessions will be held at the Roger Nekton Championship Pool at Phillips Exeter Academy. 


The program purpose is two-fold:

1.   To provide a quality swim instruction program for the Exeter area during the school year and early summer.

2.   To encourage participants passing through the program levels to continue the great sport of swimming with the Exeter Swim Team.



This creative and motivating lessons program is made up of 8 teaching stations, geared by ability, and taught by trained instructors at a "goal" 5-1 student/teacher ratio.  Currently it is only for swimmers in Kindergarten through 6th grade (ages 5 - 12).   If your child is five, we will need to see a copy of your child's birth certificate at the evaluation session to verify this.    



Each of the 8 levels is carefully designed for a smooth progression and has numerous achievement incentives throughout.  At the first level the emphasis will be on bubble blowing and becoming comfortable with the face in the water and floating with support.  At the last level the goal will be to swim a 100 yard (4 length) Individual Medley (Fly Back, Breast, Free) and a 200 Freestyle with alternate breathing.  The skills needed to pass out of each level and progress to the next are clearly outlined for children and parents.  If we have enough students we will offer more than one class at each level and try to divide it by age.  That way, the children will learn with their peers.    


Although each level/session is 8 classes long, we allow students to immediately move to a higher class if they pass all the "test-out" skills for that level.  This ensures a smooth and continuous learning process and allows each swimmer to always be with others of their same ability.



The breakdown of what is taught in each level will be posted soon.  These lessons will use the best techniques of swim coaches and swim instructors to teach the most important skills in the most efficient manner.   Breath control, body position, proper kicking, and efficient hand movement will be emphasized and refined from the child's first front float to their Breaststroke, Butterfly or flip turn.  Visual, verbal and kinesthetic techniques will be employed at all levels.


Creative motivation will play a large part in encouraging the children to try new skills.  "Star Cards" will be given out for achievements such as doing a skill for the first time, listening carefully, or putting forth a good effort.  These can be redeemed for apparel such as caps, goggles, or other fun prizes.  There is also a special reward for passing a level.  More to come! J



The program and teaching staff will be administered by Greig Cronauer, former director of the Portsmouth Indoor and Outdoor pools and Head Age Group Coach of the Exeter Swim Team.  He will be assisted by Jacqui Redmond, a swim instructor for over 10 years, coach for EST and teacher at the Children's House Montessori School in Rye.  Greig has been teaching swimming, training instructors and coaching young children for over 30 years.  The Portsmouth Pool instructor staff he assembled and trained was one of the best in the region and lessons participation increased over 400% during his tenure.



Participation in the free placement session is required before signing up for the program.  This will be held on  Sunday afternoon March 27th from, 5-6 PM at the PEA indoor pool.  If there is any doubt about a child's level, the program administrator will place the child at the lower/safer level to start.  If, after taking a couple classes, the child passes all the requirements for that level, they may move up to the next level immediately.  They simply continue the next 6 classes in the higher level. 


Those unable to make the placement session may e-mail or call  Greig at 207-332-8664 .  Swimmers in levels 1 and 2 can be accurately placed via a phone conversation with the program administrator.



§  Session 1:  April 7 - May 1,  Sun AM at 9:15 or 9:45 and Thurs PM at 6:15 or 6:45 [Level 8 is 10:15(S) and 7:15(Th)]


§  Session 2:  May 5 - May 29, Sun AM at 9:15 or 9:45 and Thurs PM at 6:15 or 6:45 [Level 8 is 10:15(S) and 7:15(Th)]


§  Session 3A:  June 6 - June 29,  Mon /Wed PM, both days at 6:15 or 6:45

§  Session 3B:  June 7 - June 30,  Tues /Thurs PM , both days at 5:15 or 5:45   (Level 8 is at 6:15-7:00)


§  Session 4:   July 7 - Aug 2,  Tues/Thurs AM , both days at 8:15 or 8:45 am (Level 8 is at 9:15-10:00 am)


* Some sessions run longer than 4 weeks because of days that we do not have the PEA pool.  The schedule for each session is listed below. If the pool closes due to a PEA schedule change, bad weather or a maintenance emergency we will refund 1/8th of the session cost.


Session 1

Session 2

Session 3a

Session 3b

Session 4


























































$120 per session. There will be no make-up sessions offered or refunds given due to the parents' inability to get their children to the sessions.  Children who do not want to get into the water (cold, not feeling well, nervous, etc.) will be encouraged by the instructor and the administrator to participate, even if that means they sit on the edge and watch/listen to the class with their feet dangling in the water until they are ready to participate. 



There will be a lifeguard and on-deck program administrator present during every session.  Specially designed platforms that are attached to the lane lines allow younger swimmers to stand and be chest-deep during instruction.  Instructors for levels 1-4 will be in the water during all sessions and Levels 5-8 will be in the water during portions of sessions for demonstrations.


Swimmers in all levels will be shown the "finning" or "winging" drills on the back for when they may panic or find themselves in water over their head for a period of time but the skills taught in this program do not supersede the need for adult (or lifeguard) supervision during any swimming outside of this lessons program.  The exact water safety information taught to the students will be printed and distributed to the parents for additional reinforcement.


Skills taught are geared for progression to swimming strokes such as the Crawl Stroke (Freestyle), Backstroke and Breaststroke.  Instruction will not include "resting" strokes such as the elementary backstroke or sidestroke.  For swimmers that can propel themselves a short distance, the skills taught in the program for becoming a "better" swimmer will obviously make them stronger in the water.  But … because a child is a strong, confident swimmer does not mean he/she is necessarily a "safe" swimmer.  Swimming without proper supervision or diving into shallow water can have dire consequences.  Always make sure your child is supervised around water.