2011 State Championships Follow Up

MAC Parents:


If you participated in the 2011 Maryland Swimming Championship the past weekend, you are aware that many swimmers became sick, had bouts of nausea,, vomiting, and other symptoms of illness. We have been contacted by the Maryland Department of Health and Human Hygiene (MDHHH) concerning an outbreak of gastrointestinal illness (GI) at the meet. They are investing this issue, and attempting to find out reasons for its occurrence.


Specifically, they are requesting all families attending the meet (both ill and well) complete a confidential on-line questionnaire to help them gather more details on ways the GI illness may have been transmitted.


The link for the survey is:

The password is: swimming


We encourage you to complete this questionnaire to help MDHH better understand the nature and extent of this event. In addition, we have posted to the MAC web site information and a fact sheet MDHH has provided us. If you have any questions pertaining to the investigation, they recommend you may contact the Division of Outbreak Investigation at 410-767-6677 or contact the Communicable Diseases division at your local health department.


Feel free to contact me/Board Members if you have additional questions/information. Thanks in advance for your help.


John Borgersen

MAC President



The MDHMH has provided two documents for parents to review :

  • CLICK HERE for a parent letter from Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
  • CLICK HERE for a fact sheet