2012 LAC Partners & Links
Weekly Update


Greetings Aquacowboy Families, thanks for another great week!  We are excited about having an awesome Montclair Pentathlon with about 40 kids participating.  We are also approaching JO’s and Far Westerns and have some really fun events coming up. 


Here’s a quote for the week: 


No problem is insurmountable. With a little courage, teamwork and determination a person can overcome anything.

-B Dodge


Upcoming Events: 


Montclair Pentathlon-  8&un Swimmers be at meet by 8:30 am

9&up Swimmers be at the meet by 7:30 am.  Coach Lisa will be in charge.  Coach Alex will be at a wedding.  Remember to give your best in all five events.  The High Point scoring is cumulative which means that your score will be determined by your overall placing in all five events, not just one or two.  Race to the wall and remember your streamlines and gut zone finishes!  Let’s bring home some top 8 T-Shirts! 


JO’s- March 18-20th.  We are sure to have some great swims in San Ramon.  This meet is for swimmers with JO’s only.  There are no relays.  Seniors may choose their events and finals, Juniors swim all qualified events.  We are excited to see many finalists, and new Far Western Qualifiers. 


Far Westerns- March 31- April 3.  This will be a fast meet in Morgan Hill, as our qualified swimmers will get some rest.  We are looking for good race strategy and mental toughness in trials and finals.  


Talent Show-  April 20th 4-6 pm.  Last year’s show was great, with top level performances worth of YouTube.  (Think Shahini’s over the rainbow, The Senior Girls’ video tribute to Shelby’s lost makeup, the Piper girls’ awesome pogo/hula hoop routine, and Zander Bass on the keyboard).  Let’s start planning our routines now so we can have another great night of entertainment.  (Rumors abound about an interpretive dance by Evan, Andrew and Brendan). 


Breakout Swim Clinic:  May 1st We will be hosting Josh Davis and Megan Jendrick (multiple time Olympic Gold Medalist in breaststroke)  on Sunday May 1st.  The Breakout Swim Clinic is always a great experience for our team.  This one will be especially exciting because we have never had a breaststroke specialist do a clinic for us before.  We will have the opportunity to watch and to race a world class breaststroker and to learn some more secrets from two great swimmers. 


Spring Break Schedule: 


April 4-9th 


No PM Practices for Pre-Comp, Novice Black, Novice Gold

Optional AM practices for Novice 7-8 am Tu/ Th, Sat


Junior 1 and 2 Tu, Th am 7-8, Sat am 7-9, M-F pm 245-500, bring dryland shoes


Senior M,Tu,Th,F am 7-8, Sat am 7-9, M-F pm 245-500 bring dryland shoes


This will be a great opportunity for teammembers to rejuvinate themselves and do some activites outside of the pool.  High school swimmers will get some extra rest heading into the championship phase of the season. 


Here are some highlights from the groups Coach Lisa works with: 


PreComp & Novice:  With lots of new faces we’ve had a full group of excited athletes! Its great to see our veteran swimmers stepping up as leaders in the group.  Kinsey, Sophia B., Paige, and Jessica have been great lane leaders for our group.  Faith has improved her body line and breathing in her freestyle.  Nikolas R. has improved his backstroke start and finish.   And Jack R. has continually gotten better on his breastroke kick.  We’ve practiced our starts, IM turns, and finishes and are ready to race this weekend.  Remember, be at the meet by 8:30am, check-in, and then find me! 



Juniors:  We are one step closer to great upcoming races at the Pentathlon, JO’s, and Far Westerns.  We’ve had a great week of training and developing race strategy.  Sydney has been a great example of work ethic and is always giving 110% effort.  Jenna has stepped up her kicking and racing in practice, and has been able to hold some great pace work.  Nicolette has improved her breath control in her freestyle.  At the end of a tough practice on Thursday we had 4 girls get up and race a 100 for time.  Victoria was right off her best 100 free time with a 1:19.  Caroline went right on her best 100 free time, 1:10.3!  Sofia dropped 4 seconds off her 100 free time and went a 1:09.6! And Megan F. swam a 100 back, dropped 4 seconds, and swam a JO time of 1:13.3!  Those best times are representative of what the entire group are capable of.  This weekend, be at the Pentathlon by 7:30am this Saturday, it will be a fun day of racing.


Here are some highlights from the groups I work with: 


Novice Gold:  Meagan W. and Celnine have begun transitioning two days a week into the Junior group and are doing great.  Melinda is thriving in her first month of the Novice Gold group.    Dante is taking on a leadership role in his lane as are Larissa and Chloe in their lanes.  Katie continues to display great skill on back and fly drills.  We are proud of our All-Star Megan H. who made two top 8 finishes at the Pacific swimming All-Star meet in the 25 free and 25 fly.  Swimmers with over 80% attendance over the months of Dec-Feb were:  Dante, Collin, Larissa, Zander, Brandon, Jared H., Megan H., Megan W., Celine, Paige, Chris, and Gabriel.  If you feel I’ve missed you please let me know at practice or by email.  Remember to check in with Lisa this weekend by 7:30 for 9&up, 8:30 for 8&un, ready to have a great day of swimming!    


Senior:  We’ve pushed ourselves this week and have shown a lot of mental toughness.  Natalie had a great week of practices, including an IM challenge set in which she made all the intervals and led the lane.  Nina did her best ever kick test set averaging 1:18’s.  Andrew put two 50’s of back under 26 and also did 10x50 free no breath.  Katie and Trent swam 6,000 yards on Thursday morning, then completed a great 400 IM set on Thursday afternoon with a hundred free at 57 and 55 respectively.  Shahini has been putting in some great practices, including finishing the 400 IM set with a 1:05 100 free.  Haley did 50x 20’s with whitewater kick on all of them.  Nathan, Brendan and Shelby have come back from illness and are beginning to look stronger in the water.  Evan did a set of 10x50 back on descending intervals putting most of them at 28 seconds with the last one at 27.  Beyond our week of swimming, we had some great leadership and team work where people acknowledged each other for the work they’ve been doing, and supported each other’s best efforts.  We also had some awesome efforts from our Juniors (Alex, Cat, Desiree, Jenna) who are transitioning two days a week into the Seniors.  We are excited to see the awesome swims that will be coming during JO’s, Far Westerns, EBAL’s and NCS. 


Thank you LAC Board for working on the budget and the Rewards and Recognition Program.  Plans are underway to reward A time swimmers with T-Shirts in the near future. 


Thank you all LAC Families for the great amount of energy you put into making this team the best we can be! 


Coach Alex