DCST National Results (Day 4)


When the Kishwaukee YMCA / DeKalb County Swim Team’s (DCST)had their biggest group ever attending a National Championship Meet, 16 swimmers, the goal for the 2008 YMCA Long Course Championship was to have the best meet ever in DCST history.  Fittingly on Friday, the last day of competition, DCST had their greatest single day scoring wise to achieve their goal of the best DCST National Team ever.

DCST had 15 lifetime best performances in the preliminary session out of 18 swims bringing the three day meet total to 47 of 63 swims.  DCST had three swims in finals which were all faster than their times in the preliminary session.  DCST had 11 second swims in finals which were all faster than their preliminary times.  One of the team’s mottos is “We always swim faster in finalsý which is exactly what DCST did this week.  DCST also set 7 more team records to bring the meet total to 22 new team records.

In team scoring, DCST finished 12th in the combined scoring while both the Men and Women’s team finished 15th in the respective divisions.  Out of their 16 swimmers in the meet, 10 earned National All-American honors for a total of 37 times.  The best news yet for DCST is none of the members of this year’s team will be seniors in high school this fall.  Therefore, they are eligible to come back next year.

On Friday, DCST’s distance swimmers led the way.  For the first time in DCST history, they had 3 swimmers earn National All-American honors in the same event.  In the Women’s 1500 meter Freestyle, Emily Launer dropped almost 9 seconds, Valerie Jones dropped almost 12 seconds, and Kate Taylor dropped almost 10 seconds to finish 9th, 10th and 13th respectively.  Launer and Jones’ times were faster than the previous DCST team record.  On the Men’s side in the 800 meter Freestyle, Grant Alef lowered his seed time by over 23 seconds, while David Gordon lowered his seed time by over 11 seconds.  Grant finished in 7th place while David Gordon finished in 8th.  Both swimmers earned National All-American honors and broke the previous DCST team record.

  Both the Women and Men’s 400 Medley Relays qualified for finals in 16th place.  The women’s team of Emily Launer, Grace Waller, Katie Hallenbeck and Emily Waller swam 6.5 seconds faster in the final session and finished 10th.  The men’s team of Grant Alef, Michael Gordon, Zach Jones and David Gordon swam over 2 seconds faster to move up to the 14th spot.  All eight swimmers were named National All-Americans.  This was a first for Hallenbeck.  Emily Launer’s lead off split in the 100 meter Backstroke was a new team record.

Zach Jones broke a team record from 1982 in 200 meter Butterfly with his 11 place finish in the preliminary session.  He lowered his record time in finals, but dropped 2 places to finish 13th.  Zach was awarded National All-American honors.  Zach’s 7 second time drop on the day was not the only big time drop in the 200 meter Butterfly.  Taylor Roose, 8.71 seconds time improvement, Rebecca Hallenbeck, 7.46 second time improvement, Katie Hallenbeck, 4.58 second time improvement, all had outstanding swims.  Grace Waller just missed qualifying for finals in the 100 meter Breaststroke with an 18th place finish, but her time did set a new DCST record.

 Listed below is DCST’s current All-Time National All-American standings.

1)       Matt Chambers (18)

2)      Grace Waller (13) - Five times this week

Travers Smith (13)

4)      Billy Gebhardt (10)

Kirsten Koepcke (10)

6)      Emily Launer (9) – Seven times this week

7)      Kate Taylor (8) – Three times this week

8)      Grant Alef (7) –Six times this week

David Gordon (7) – Five times this week

Adam Thomas (7)

11)   Emily Waller (6) – Three times this week

Mackenzie Powers (6)

Abby Presley (6)

14)   Brent Eames (5)

15)   Justin Pattermann (4)

Wesley Bubb (4)

Amanda Brotcke (4)

Scott Lange (4)

19)   Zach Jones (3) – Three times this week

20)   Valerie Jones (2) – Two times this week

Michael Gordon (2) – Two times this week

22)   Katie Hallenbeck (1) – One time this week


Complete DCST Results from the last day of competition (Friday, August 1st)

Women’s 200 meter Freestyle Relay

                Emily Launer, Grace Waller, Kate Taylor, Emily Waller – 1:55.96 (31st)


Men’s 200 meter Freestyle Relay

                Grant Alef, Zach Jones, Chad Thompson, Michael Gordon – 1:45.81 (37th)


Women’s 200 meter Butterfly

                Katie Hallenbeck – 2:31.77 (31st)

                Rebecca Hallenbeck – 2:40.75 (83rd)

                Olivia Martin – 2:41.00 (84th)


Men’s 200 meter Butterfly

                Zach Jones

                                Prelims – 2:12.40 (11th) NEW DCST TEAM RECORD

                                Finals – 2:12.01 (13th) NATIONAL ALL-AMERICAN, NEW DCST TEAM RECORD

                Taylor Roose – 2:19.19 (44th)


Women’s 50 meter Backstroke

                Tara Gidaszewski – 34.36 (Tied 104th)


Men’s 50 meter Backstroke

                Chad Thompson – 30.48 (46th)


Women’s 100 meter Breaststroke

                Grace Waller – 1:17.56 (18TH) NEW DCST TEAM RECORD


Men’s 100 meter Breaststroke

                Michael Gordon – 1:13.35 (47th)


Women’s 400 meter Medley Relay

                Emily Launer, Grace Waller, Katie Hallenbeck, Emily Waller

Prelims – 4:40.11 (16th)

                                                Launer’s 100 meter Backstroke lead off time was a NEW DCST TEAM RECORD

                                Finals – 4:33.66 (10th) –ALL FOUR SWIMMERS WERE NAMED NATIONAL ALL-AMERICANS

                                                Launer’s 100 meter Backstroke lead off time was a NEW DCST TEAM RECORD


Men’s 400 meter Medley Relay

                Grant Alef, Michael Gordon, Zach Jones, David Gordon – 4:12.15 (16th)

                                Prelims – 4:12.15 (16th)

                                Finals – 4:10.12 (14th) – ALL FOUR SWIMMERS WERE NAMED NATIONAL ALL-AMERICAN


Women’s 1500 meter Freestyle

                Emily Launer – 17:59.03 (19th) – NATIONAL ALL-AMERICAN, NEW DCST TEAM RECORD

                Valerie Jones – 18:03.46 (10th) – NATIONAL ALL-AMERICAN, NEW DCST TEAM RECORD

                Kate Taylor – 18:06.55 (13th) – NATIONAL ALL-AMERICAN


Men’s 800 meter Freestyle

                Grant Alef – 8:46.08 (7th) – NATIONAL ALL-AMERICAN, NEW DCST TEAM RECORD

                David Gordon – 8:47.20 (8th) – NATIONAL ALL-AMERICAN, NEW DCST TEAM RECORD