Lost and Found (We Hope)

Mako Parents,

We all know that sometimes children will pick up something that isn't theirs, and normally this isn't a malicious event. Maybe they needed to borrow a cap or goggles and forgot to return them, or maybe they picked up a sweatshirt not realizing they hadn't worn theirs to practice that day. We probably have all found something strange, and not just the black, squishy bananas or wet towels, in our swimmers' bags from time to time, or we wonder where our swimmer got that sweat shirt we didn't purchase.

We know that it is embarrassing to have to return something to another parent, and often we don't know to whom something belongs, so hopefully the following process will work to reunite swimmers with their gear and other possessions.

To those parents who have a swimmer who has lost something, please send me your name, when the item was lost, and what was lost. I will post a note here on the web site, so the other parents can think to look for the missing items or recognize something that doesn't belong to their swimmer.

To those parents who have found something and don't know to whom it belongs, you can send me an email with a description of what was found, and we can arrange a time for you to drop it off with me at a practice or with one of the coaches. I will then match that with the parents who have reported something missing, or I will send out a notice about the found item.

Here's a start on the missing items:

LOST: 03/15/2011 - Snorkel from mesh bag during Senior Prep practice. Contact Lori Cumo

LOST: 03/15/2011 - iPod Touch from swim bag during Junior II practice. Contact Donna Hale

LOST: November 2010 - Mako Sweatshirt, size Youth Large, during a Senior Prep practice. Contact Cathy Summers

Once again, if you don't feel comfortable contacting the owner of a missing item you can give it to me, Coach Heather, or another coach, and we will preserve your anonymity.