BASS Meet Warm Up Schedule for This Weekend


Warm ups for this weekend's BASS meet at Woodberry are as follows:

  • Swimmers in  Purple, Blue, and Senior groups have  warm ups at 8:40 am on Saturday.
  • Swimmers in White and Red groups will have warm ups at 9:00 am on Saturday 
  • All Sunday swimmers will have warm ups at 9:00 am. 
There are still quite a few items that have not been signed up for on the concessions list. For anyone still needing to sign up, you can reply to this e-mail and let me know what you would be willing to bring. The following are items needed:
4 quarts of half and half
large can regular (not decaf) coffee
10 small containers (plastic bottles or cardboard) orange juice
2 bags of baking potatoes
4 large containers of sour cream
2 large tubs of margarine
48 hamburger buns
48 hamburger buns
large bag of peanut M&M's (hospitality)
large bag of plain M&M's (hospitality)
large bag of Chex Mix (hospitality)
large container or bag of seedless grapes (hospitality)
There are also quite a few jobs left open for people to sign up for. Please remember that we would like each family to help out in some way at the meet.
Thanks so much!!!