2012 LAC Partners & Links
Weekly Update

Greetings Aquacowboy Families!  We've had a great week at the pool, coming off one of our most successful age group meets ever.  This report will be short as there is JO's today through Sunday and we will do a more extensive report next week, but here are some great highlights: 

Congrats to Montclair Pentathlon T-Shirt winners!: 

Jessie Akins, Sarah Bass, Collin Trump, Chris Gonzalez, Taber daCosta, Paige daCosta, Taylor Brennan, Megan Fairbanks, Sydney Mcgann, Caroline Eckel, and Shanini Ananth all came home with top 8 T-Shirts from Montclair. 

Congrats to Shahini for winning the coveted pink shirt for tops in the 13 year old age group, congrats to Caroline for making her first Far Western time in the 50 free! 

We also had some big breakthrough performances with huge time drops by Jacqueline, Orion (first meet and got B times!), Megan H., Megan W., Celine, Hannah, Brandon (first B times in 11-12), Larissa, and many others. 

Team courtesy expectations: 

Wouldn't it be great if our team was known for politeness, respect, and courtesy at swim meets and in swim practice?  This is something we talk about at practice and we would like to hear more "Pleases and Thank You's"  at meets and in practice.  Whenever anyone helps you, please say, "Thank you."  Whenever you would like something, please say "Please." 

One of the parents on our team noticed that at meets, many swimmers and parents of swimmers are not courteous to timers and are even sometimes disrespectful.  If you would like to put your towel on a timing chair, please say, "May I put my towel here please?"  If they say yes, please say, "Thank you."  Courtesy and respect let people know that you appreciate them.  When you are courteous and respectful it is also a sign that you respect yourself, and this behavior will allow people to want to be respectful back to you.  Let's be that team that is known for it's courtesy, respect, and politeness.  Remember we are striving to be the best people we can be, which includes our actions in and out of the pool!  Thank you for your politeness and courtesy! 

Thanks Aquacowboy Families for another great week.  Special thanks to the board who is working to organize a great Rewards and Recognition program which will include most of the people on the team and recognize the great efforts you are putting into each day.  Have a great week! 

Coach Alex