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Weekly Update


Greetings Aquacowboys!  Thank you for your persistence and dedication through a cold and wet week.  Thanks also for giving me a great birthday card.  Thanks to Mrs. Reynolds and Mrs. Eckel for facilitating the birthday cake, and thanks to the kids for doing 35 100’s with great effort!  It was truly inspiring.


Coming off JO’s we’ve refocused on our goals, we’ve been training tough, and we are headed for a great Far Westerns. 


We also have some awesome news to report about Coach Lisa and her husband Nathan. 


Here is a quote for the week: 


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  -Lao Tzu


This is a good quote when thinking about goals and dreams.  Remember to keep putting one foot in front of the other, and you will go far. 


This quote also pertains to Coach Lisa.  She is 12 weeks pregnant!  The baby is due October 6th.  Coach Lisa and Nathan are beginning a journey which will be full of richness, wonder, and lots of sleepless nights and dirty diapers.  Please give her gentle hugs and encouragement, but if you’re really wanting to share your childbirth story with her, please make sure she’s not in the middle of coaching J  We are very happy for Coach Lisa and Nathan and judging from how she is on deck, she will make a great mom!  Coach Lisa plans to coach through the summer, come back in September a couple days of the week to help out our interim coach, and then come back to full time coaching at the appropriate time for her family. 


Here are some upcoming events: 


Far Westerns- This is the top Age Group meet on the west coast.  We will be sending Caroline, Allie, Alex, Natalie, Shahini, Shelby, Nina, Katie, Haley, Andrew, Brendan and Trent to the meet.  We are excited to see some great unshaved swims from these Aquacowboys and girls.  Evan will be missing the meet because he will be taking a recruit trip to UC San Diego.  We wish Evan a safe journey and a great connection with the people down in San Diego as he continues the process of finding the right college for himself.    


Spring Break Schedule- During Spring Break April 4-8 we will change the schedule.  The schedule is as follows: 

Pre-Comp:  Off

Novice Black and Gold:  Optional Practice Tu-Th 7-8 AM, Sat 7-8 AM

Junior 1-2:  Tu-Th 7-8AM, Sat 7-9AM, M-F 245-500 PM (bring running shoes)  

Senior:  MTuThF 7-8 AM, Sat 7-9AM, M-F 245-500 PM 

If you swim all days of Far Westerns you can take Monday off 


LAC Team Pictures-  Wed. April 13th 4pm.  Junior/ Senior practice to follow.  Pre-Comp/ Novice, No practice after pictures. 


LAC Talent Show-  Wed. April 20th 4-6 pm.  No swimming this day, just the show.  We are looking for a parent volunteer to oversee the talent show and to make sure all acts are appropriate.  Please contact Board President Tom Hayes if you are interested.   


10&UN Champs-   Saturday April 30th.  We have 11 swimmers eligible to go.  If you will be 10 or younger on this date and you have at least 1 A time for your age group, we expect you to attend this meet.  10&un champs is a meet where every participant is 10 years or younger.  The meet will be scored according to age by single year.  This is a great opportunity to make your mark 10&unders! 


BREAKOUT SWIM CLINIC!!!  On Sunday, May 1st, we will be hosting our third Breakout Swim Clinic.  This time Josh Davis will bring multiple Olympic Gold Medalist Megan Jendrick to our pool.  Megan is a Breastroke Champion and this is exciting for our team because we’ve never had a Breaststroke Specialist teach us.  We will limit the clinic to 80 swimmers and there will be a price advantage for early sign ups.  Here is the pricing structure: 


Sign up now to April 23rd:  $50

Sign up between April 24th and April 30th:  $60 

Sign up the day of Clinic:  $65 

Parent Spectators:  $10 

Please sign up early as this will be a great learning experience for all swimmers on our team.  Make checks payable to LAC and bring them to Emily in the Aquatics office. 


Rewards and Recognition Program in Full Swing:  After a very productive Board Meeting in which the LAC Board put in some great effort, we are now ready to begin our Rewards and Recognition Program.  This program is intended to honor and reward the great efforts of the kids on our team.  We are especially thankful to the families who came over from the Tigersharks for adding a substantial amount of money to our team to contribute to this program.  Here are some of the categories our team will reward- 


A times- All swimmers 14 and under who have achieved an A time this swim season will be awarded an A time T shirt.  This shirt will have a creative LAC design and is meant to recognize swimmers who have improved to a new level this season. 


Swimmers of the Month- We will begin to recognize swimmers of the month in each group.  There will be a short write up about each swimmer in the glass case in the LVTC lobby, along with a picture.  Each swimmer of the month will be awarded a new GREEN LAC cap. 


Great Grades-  At the end of each grading period, bring in your report card.  Any elementary grade swimmer who has achieved at least a 3 average will receive a certificate for a smoothie at the LVTC snack bar.  Any Middle School or High School swimmer who has achieved a 3.5 or above will receive a certificate. 


Polar Bear/ Traditional Banquet Awards-  We will continue to award Polar Bear Attendance Awards, as well as our traditional Banquet awards which include Leadership Award, Most Improved, Best Race, Most Inspirational. 


Championship T-Shirts-  We will issue a Winter/Spring and a Summer championship T-Shirt to all swimmers with JO’s/ Far Westerns/ Sectionals/ or US National Championship participation. 


Sectionals/ US National Championship team gear-  Beginning this summer, we will award our Sectional Level Swimmers with swim backpacks, and our US National Championship Level Swimmers with team sweats.  This way they can represent our team at the highest level meets with LAC gear.  Through Novice/ Senior Mentorship, and through their example at meets, these swimmers are helping pave the way for the next wave of successful swimmers on our team.  Hopefully this is a level all Aquacowboys can strive for. 


We are very excited about this program and are thankful to the efforts of all parents who have helped with fundraising and who have helped formulate this program. 


Here are some highlights from the groups Coach Lisa works with: 


PreComp & Novice Black - It’s great to see these young swimmers tough it out through cold, rainy practices.  We’re doing a great job listening and refining our strokes.  Jessica has been working on her breastroke chest press and kick.  Daiki has been showing great rotation on backstroke.  And Crewe is getting better at his butterfly arms.  It’s been great to have our spring shape-up athletes.  Kylie P. is improving her distance per stroke in breastroke.  Julia has been working on good side breathing in freestyle. And Ben has been improving his butterfly rhythm. 


Juniors -  Junior Olympics was not the ideal weekend in terms of weather and pool space, but our athletes showed fortitude against the odds. Here are some highlights from the meet: we had 9 individual qualifiers, 34 races, 1 JO finalist, and 16 new best times.  Our 10&Unders, Caroline, Sydney, and Matthew did great.  Sydney dropped over 1 second in her 100 back, and Matthew dropped close to half a second in the 50 free narrowly missing the Far Western cut.  In the 11&12 age group we had Taylor drop about 2 seconds in her 100 breast, and is now only 2 seconds from the Far Western cut.  Megan dropped about 1.5 seconds in her 50 free, missing her Far Western cut by .2!  Allie came off being real sick for the last 2 weeks, and is going to have a great showing at Far Westerns in her breastroke events.  Sarah’s last meet as an 11&12 went out with a bang, dropping about 1.5 seconds in the 200 free, about 6 seconds in the 500 free, and having a full 3 days of maximum swimming for the first time at JO’s!  Alex had a great 100 IM, dropping almost 2 seconds to get a Far Western cut. He was our only finalist in this group.  He moved up from 5th place to 3rd place in his 50 back at finals, breaking 30 seconds for the first time.  In his 200 back, against steep competition he dropped a total of 6 seconds for the day and placed 5th overall.  Cat was our only 13&14 from the Junior group and had a great meet dropping 1 second in her 100 back and 4 seconds in her 200 back.  She is now close to the Far Western cut for both her events.  Our next meet is Far Westerns March 31-April 3 in which Alex, Allie, and Caroline with represent the Junior Group.  The next Junior Olympics is July 7-10 and is a long course (50 meters) meet. I look forward to having many more Juniors qualify for this meet.  Keep coming to practice, working hard, and signing up for swim meets!


Here are some highlights from the groups I work with: 


Novice Gold-  This group is becoming a great training group and is developing awesome work ethic as well as excellent focus on technique.  Everyone in this group has improved in kicking and it shows when we swim fast freestyle and there is loud white water kick.  Jared K. has been on fire lately, putting in great effort en route to making JO’s in the near future.  Jared H., Celine, Megan W. and Orion continue to challenge themselves by attending Junior group practices two days a week.  Larissa has been a good leader and is consistently putting forth great effort and enthusiasm in practice.  Victoria always kicks fast on freestyle sets.  Franco is always up for a good race in practice.  Dante has been stepping up as a leader in the group.  We are excited to see what our 10&under A time swimmers (Gabe, Paige, Taber, Collin, Chris, Megan H., Megan W., Jared K., Franco, and Jacqueline) can do at 10&under champs. 


Senior Group-  This has been one of our best weeks of practice for the season.  The group effort has been awesome and we’re looking forward to progress at Far Westerns.  We’re starting to develop more of a team attitude where people are swimming for more than just themselves, they're swimming for the group.  Each swimmer has individual goals but as a group, we also have a goal to go to a meet where everyone in the group gets 100% best times.  This is a lofty goal, but one worth fighting for.  Natalie, Katie and Evan were great leaders on the set of 35 100’s.  Haley held her goal time for almost all of them, as did Nathan, Nina and Shelby.  Andrew excelled in the 2nd half of the set and brought some inspired swims to the group.  Shahini has been challenging herself more and more in practice.  We are looking forward to some tough minded swims at Far Westerns and we are looking forward to a positive and determined group attitude.   


This week we welcome Leah Flannery to our team and to the Senior Group.  Leah is a freshman at Livermore High School and swam on Tsunami  Aquatics when she was younger.  Leah has some great swimming ahead of her.  Please welcome her to our team. 


Thank you Aquacowboy Families for another great week!  Thank you LAC Board for working overtime this week to put the Rewards and Recognition Program together.  Congratulations again to Coach Lisa and her husband Nathan on their pregnancy.  Have a great week! 


Coach Alex