Exeter Swim Team Partners
Friday Night Finals

This is what happened when I asked Izzy and Kyra to write an update... They didn't think I'd proof-read it, and wrote it as though it were me... It isn't that easy to pull one over on me, girls.

"Today, Izzy went a 56.52 in her 100 fly during prelims which put her in 3rd place for tonight at finals! Kyra has spent the day at the pool cheering Izzy on. Without her support, Izzy wouldn't have done as well as she did. Thanks Kyra!!! I wish I could be swimming at this meet myself. I am sure if I were, I would qualify for 2012 Olympics. Ryan Lochte, watch out because Greg Is taking over! I'm a machine!!! My number one goal outside of swimming is to see a moose. I hear from all the friends I am making here that they are truly beautiful and mystical creatures! Remember kids, Iron Man is a MUST!!! Kyra and Izzy are such dedicated students they even did Iron Man in the parking lot on
the way here! I think you should all be more like them and get outside and do some yourself!!! I am really looking forward to seeing all your beautiful faces again. It breaks my heart that I don't get to see you every night anymore. See you soon!

PS. The wings here are AMAZING!!"