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Whacky Saturday Preliminary Session

It started off normally enough, with Izzy making it back in the 200 fly (16th)... Then things got weird...

Both girls swam the 50 free, Izzy was 24.72 and Kyra was 24.71. Izzy was 2nd alternate, but Kyra tied another gal for the 24th and final spot in finals... So they were to do a swim off after the girls 500s.

Kyra swam the 100 back and made it back to finals (14th), and then started to prepare for her swim off... For those of you not familiar with swim offs... It was Kyra and the girl she tied alone in a heat, the entire natatorium watching, with a lane in tonights final at stake...

They dove in and after a furious comeback in the last ten yards, the girls tied... AGAIN! This time both went 24.44... The crowd went wild. It's a pretty rare thing to see!

They agreed to do it again after the boys 500s...

I'll post video of that final swim off later as words won't do justice to how electric the atmosphere was in the building.

Kyra won the swim off by .02 in another furious finish, in 24.14!!! A .30 drop off her best time!

The girls will send another update later this afternoon.