Exeter Swim Team Partners

I saw my majestic moose!!!!!
Kyra had a double swim off in 50 free winning in the end.
Izzy learned to whistle.
We found a Alaska license plate.
We meet Jake's prom date.
Izzy took a picture with PAC senior wearing lots of mighty ducks hockey apparel.
We drove to Canada and saw Niagara Falls.
Izzy's bio was the only one that was not swimming related..."izzy had her first real buffalo wings.
Greg made new friends.
Izzy and Kyra made new friends.
Finally realized that I was right for once...Kyra and Izzy are size 22 in bathing suits.
Izzy had a creepy head on a stick follow her.
Izzy and Kyra's hotel was rift actuary from the hospital!!
Izzy's Gatorade bottle spilled throughout her bag and soaked everything.
Kyra though she lost the swimmer until she was back at the hotel.