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The Mason Manta Rays finished in 5th place at the Ohio Junior Olympic Championships scoring 1338.5 points, the highest point total to date.  Manta Ray swimmers had 98 lifetime best swims.  The following swimmers scored in the top 16 in their respective events.

Ashley Volpenhein – 5th (50 BR), 3rd (50 fly), 7th (100 br), 2nd (50 fr), 1st (100 IM), 2nd (100 fr), 2nd (100 fly)

Luke Van Gorp – 4th (50 br), 7th (100 bk), 6th (100 br), 12th (50 fr), 6th (100 IM), 3rd (200 IM), 6th (50 bk)

Dillon Froass – 14th (50 br), 13th (50 fly), 12th (100 br), 9th (100 fly)

Vincent Wang – 16th (100 bk)

Kaylee Folta – 8th (100 bk), 16th (200 fr), 15th (200 IM), 13th (50 bk)

Tim Hagemeister – 4th (100 bk), 3rd (50 fly), 11th (50 fr), 14th (100 IM), 8th (200 IM), 5th (50 bk)

Jan Hagemeister – 7th (200 bk), 3rd (400 IM), 4th (200 IM), 6th (100 bk)

Panos Skoufalos – 11th (200 bk)

Josh Enrico – 15th (200 bk), 16th (100 fly), 8th (400 IM), 7th (100 fr), 3rd (200 fly), 15th (100 bk)

Kara Alexander – 12th (50 fly), 13th (100 fly)

Katie Hulbert – 13th (100 fly), 15th (500 fr), 11th (400 IM), 13th (200 fly), 6th (1650 fr)

Julia Volpenhein – 16th (100 fly), 10th (500 fr), 15th (50 fr), 10th (200 fr), 7th (100 fr)

Mpoki Mwalupindi – 7th (100 fly), 15th (200 br), 8th (50 fr), 12th (200 fr), 13th (100 fr)

Nick Purple – 11th (200 fr)

Gabriella Marinelli – 3rd (500 fr), 12th (100 br), 1st (50 fr), 3rd (200 fr), 1st (100 fr), 11th (50 bk)

Zoe Thatcher – 1st (500 fr), 1st (400 IM), 1st (200 fr), 2nd (100 fr), 14th (100 bk), 1st (1650 fr) new meet record

Alex Mechler – 12th (500 fr), 12th (200 fr), 10th (1650 fr)

Hannah Whiteley – 8th (50 fr), 15th (200 fr), 5th (100 bk)

Ansel Froass – 14th (100 fly)

Tiffany Yu – 15th (100 fly), 15th (50 bk)

Colt Kline – 16th (200 fly)

Maddie Franzoni – 12th (1650 fr)

The following relays placed in the top 16.

10 & Under Girls – 200 Medley Relay 14th Isabelle Hamilton, Kylie Decker, Raegan Willis, Kara Alexander

10 & Under Boys – 200 FR Relay 11th Luke Volpenhein, Ansel Froass, Andrew Kendall, Jackson Ford and                                                            12th Nick Purple, Max Kiker, Luis Carrillo, Vincent Wang

                                    200 Medley Relay 9th Jackson Ford, Ansel Froass, Luis Carrillo, Vincent Wang

11-12 Girls – 400 Medley Relay 5th Kaylee Folta, Liz Monnin, Ashley Volpenhein, Gabriella Marinelli                       

                                200 Fr Relay 3rd Ashley Volpenhein, Gabriella Marinelli, Kaylee Folta, Tiffany Yu

                  200 Medley Relay 5th Kaylee Folta, Ashley Volpenhein, Tiffany Yu, Gabriella Marinelli

                  400 Fr Relay 6th Ashley Volpenhein, Kaylee Folta, Gabriella Marinelli, Tiffany Yu

11-12 Boys – 400 Medley Relay 6th Luke Van Gorp, Dillon Froass, Tim Hagemeister, Atharva Deshmukh

                  200 FR Relay 5th Tim Hagemeister, Luke Van Gorp, Mike McDonald, Dillon Froass

                  200 Medley Relay 9th Tim Hagemeister, Terry Sue, Dillon Froass, Luke Van Gorp

                  400 Fr Relay 6th Tim Hagemeister, Dillon Froass, Atharva Deshmukh, Luke Van Gorp

13-14 Girls – 800 Fr Relay 2nd Hannah Whiteley, Julia Volpenhein, Katie Hulbert, Zoe Thatcher and                                     16th Maddie Franzoni, Jordan Decker, Anna Cicero, Megan Wolf

                  400 Medley Relay 3rd Hannah Whiteley, Abbey Esler, Katie Hulbert, Zoe Thatcher and  15th Maddie Franzoni, Jordan Decker, Julia Volpenhein, Anna Cicero

                  200 Fr Relay 2nd Hannah Whiteley, Zoe Thatcher, Abbey Esler, Julia Volpenhein and                                                       16th Jordan Decker, Anna Cicero, Maddie Franzoni, Katie Hulbert

                  200 Medley Relay 7th Hannah Whiteley, Abbey Esler, Katie Hulbert, Julia Volpenhein

                  400 Fr Relay 5th Hannah Whiteley, Julia Volpenehein, Katie Hulbert, Zoe Thatcher

13-14 Boys – 800 Fr Relay 2nd Josh Enrico, Alex Mechler, Mpoki Mwalupindi, Jan Hagemeister and                                     15th Preston Bailey, Joel Thatcher, Peter He, Panos Skoufalos

                  400 Medley Relay 4th Jan Hagemeister, Mpoki Mwalupindi, Josh Enrico, Alex Mechler and                                     16th Panos Skoufalos, Preston Bailey, Peter He, Nick Gess

                  200 Fr Relay 3rd Jan Hagemeister, Josh Enrico, Panos Skoufalos, Mpoki Mwalupindi and                                     16th   Nick Gess, Peter He, Alex Mechler, Preston Bailey

                  200 Medley Relay 7th Jan Hagemeister, Preston Bailey, Josh Enrico, Mpoki Mwalupindi

                  400 Fr Relay 3rd Josh Enrico, Preston Bailey, Jan Hagemeister, Mpoki Mwalupindi and 16th Panos Skoufalos, Colt Kline, Gabe West, Alex Mechler