DCST National Results - Day 3

DCST National Results – Day 3

                Grant Alef continued to be on a roll for DCST earning National All – American honors for the third time this week in his first three individual events.  In the preliminary session, Grant went a personal best and new DCST Team Record in the 200 yard Backstroke to finish 11th.  In finals, he dropped another 0.7 seconds to finish in 10th place.

                Just like the two previous days, Kei Ishimaru, Josh DeDina and Michael Gordon teamed up with Alef to set a new Team Record in the day’s relay event.  On Thursday’s, it was DCST’s 800 Freestyle Relay Record which fell.  Kei lead off the relay with a personal best time in the 200 yard Freestyle time by 2.0 seconds.  Kei also had another personal best time in his 400 yard IM when he improved his personal best time by a whopping 6.8 seconds.

                The DCST women had a great day in the 200 yard Backstroke.  Emily Launer lowered her personal best and DCST Team Record by 0.4 seconds, while Sharron Isola had a very impressive 3.7 time drop.  In the time trial events, Ryan Schultz had a very large time drop for DCST with his 5.7 second time improvement in the 200 yard Backstroke, and Josh DeDina had an awesome swim with a 0.7 time drop in the 50 yard Freestyle.

DCST Results – Day 3

Women’s 400 yard IM

                Katie Hallenbeck – 4:35.54 (53rd)
                Valerie Jones – 4:36.49 (58th)
                Alexa Miller – 4:42.12 (94th)

Men’s 400 yard IM

                Michael Gordon – 4:07.91 (33rd)
                Kei Ishimaru – 4:09.49 (46th)

Women’s 200 yard Backstroke

                Emily Launer – 2:04.40 (27th) – New DCST Team Record
                Sharron Isola – 2:07.46 (65th)
                Tara Gidaszewski – 2:08.08 (78th)

Men’s 200 yard Backstroke

                Grant Alef
                                Prelims – 1:50.14 (11th) – New DCST Team Record
                                Finals – 1:49.45 (10th) – National All-American, New DCST Team Record

Women’s 800 Freestyle Relay

                Emily Launer, Katie Hallenbeck, Valerie Jones, Grace Waller – 7:45.23 (26th)

Men’s 800 Freestyle Relay

                Kei Ishimaru, Josh DeDina, Michael Gordon, Grant Alef – 7:01.90 (25th) – New DCST Team Record

Time Trials

                Women’s 100 Freestyle

                                Grace Waller – 55.56

                Men’s 200 Backstroke

                                Ryan Schultz – 2:04.71

                Men’s 50 Freestyle

                                Josh DeDina – 22.46