DCST National Results - Day 4

DCST National Results – Day 4

            Day 4, the last day of the YMCA National Championships, was a busy and productive day for DCST.   Emily Launer was DCST’s highest placing finisher on the day with her 9th place in the Women’s 1650 yard Freestyle.  With this time, Emily was named a National All-American for the 26th time in her career.  Also in the 1650 yard Freestyle, Valerie Jones had an awesome swim by improving her personal best time by 20 seconds.

            Kei Ishimaru led DCST’s 200 yard Butterfly swimmers who all had a phenomenal day.  In prelims, Kei dropped 5.3 seconds to finish in 14th place.  His time in prelims broke the old DCST Team Record set way back in 1983 by 3.3 seconds.  In finals, Kei placed 15th to earn himself National All-American honors.  This is the 4th time Kei has been named a National All-American.

            In the Women’s 200 Butterfly, Katie Hallenbeck set the DCST Team Record twice.  In the preliminaries she broke her previous DCST Team record, and then in finals, she lowered this time again by an additional 0.25 seconds.  Katie finished 21st in this event.  Sharron Isola had an outstanding time in this event by lowering her personal best time by almost a full 5 seconds.  Furthermore, in the time trial events, Alexa Miller went a personal best time, and she qualified for both the 2011 Summer and 2012 Winter National Meets with her time.  Her time also set the team record for Girls ages 11 – 12 by a whopping 11 seconds.

            Another DCST Team Record was set in the Men’s 100 yard Breaststroke by Michael Gordon with his 58.13 preliminary swim.  Michael qualified for finals where he finished in 22nd place.  Josh DeDina also improved his personal best time in this event by 0.1 seconds.

            DCST’s foursome of Ishimaru, Gordon, DeDina and Grant Alef continued their assault on the DCST Record Book with two more new DCST Team Records in the 200 yard Freestyle and 400 yard Medley Relays.  This group of men broke all 5 DCST Relay Records for Boys ages 15 – 21 this past week.  As a team, DCST set 17 new team records at the National Championships.

DCST Results – Day 4

Women’s 200 yard Freestyle Relay

            Emily Launer, Alexa Miller, Sharron Isola and Grace Waller – 1:41.64 (59th)

Men’s 200 yard Freestyle Relay

            Kei Ishimaru, Josh DeDina, Grant Alef and Michael Gordon – 1:27.64 (30th) – New DCST Team Record

Women’s 200 yard Butterfly

            Katie Hallenbeck
                        Prelims – 2:05.79 (19th) – New DCST Team Record
                        Finals – 2:05.54 (21st) – New DCST Team Record
            Sharron Isola – 2:07.47 (35th)

Men’s 200 yard Butterfly

            Kei Ishimaru
                        Prelims – 1:52.66 (14th) – New DCST Team Record
                        Finals – 1:53.66 (15th) – National All-American

Women’s 100 yard Breaststroke

            Valerie Jones – 1:08.66 (90th)

Men’s 100 yard Breaststroke

            Michael Gordon
                        Prelims – 58.13 (19th) – New DCST Team Record
                        Finals – 58.71 (21st)
            Josh DeDina – 1:01.11 (Tied for 102nd)

Women’s 400 yard Medley Relay

            Emily Launer, Valerie Jones, Sharron Isola and Grace Waller – 3:59.89 (36th)

Men’s 400 yard Medley Relay

            Grant Alef, Michael Gordon, Kei Ishimaru and Josh DeDina – 3:30.55 (19th) – New DCST Team Record

Women’s 1650 yard Freestyle

            Emily Launer – 16:57.50 (9th) – National All-American
            Valerie Jones – 17:14.86 (20th)
            Caitlynn Moon – 17:41.67 (34th)

Men’s 1650 yard Freestyle

            Grant Alef – 16:02.91 (20th)

Time Trials

            Women’s 200 yard Butterfly

                        Alexa Miller – 2:12.60 – New DCST Team Record

            Men’s 100 yard Breaststroke

                        Ryan Schultz – 1:03.24

Team Scores

            DCST Women – 40th Place
            DCST Men – 39th Place
            DCST Combined Scoring – 30th Place