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Weekly Update


Greetings Aquacowboys Families.  It’s been an awesome week of training with some really special efforts from swimmers in all groups!

We’ve got a lot of great events coming up, including the Talent Show and the Breakout Swim Clinic.  We also have a great group of 10&unders preparing for the 10&under championships (A time qualification), and some of our Junior and Senior Swimmers preparing for the Stanford Invitational (Senior time qualification).  All other swimmers are training industriously in preparation for the May 14-15th Bear CBA+ meet (open to all). 


Here is a quote for the week:

“Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment, FULL EFFORT IS FULL VICTORY.”  -Mahatma Gandhi

This week we’ve been working on giving our very best in practice, whether it be on stroke drills, kicking, or a 6,000 yard distance free set.  We have a goal to go to a team meet such as 10&under Champs or NCS champs and have 100% personal best swims!  At any meet there are many factors beyond our control, but we can always do our best.  Every time an Aquacowboy gives his or her very best in practice or in meets, it helps the whole team become better.


Here is some fantastic news from our See’s Candy Fundraiser: 

Thank you to the parents that supported the See's Fundraiser . Total sales were $3,671!! LAC raised $1,352 of fundraising obligations through this event. Special thanks to Theresa Davis for leading the charge.


Here are some upcoming events: 



2nd Annual LAC Talent Show-  April 20th 4-6 pm in Club Room of LVTC upstairs.  Last year’s show was brilliant, with outstanding dance, music, and comedy performances.  We are looking forward to an even better show this year.  As of today we have 9 acts signed up including:  Coach Lisa (interpretive dance), Evan Carlo (comedy), Nina Hayes (dance), Sarah Swanson, Alex Gonzalez & Friends (musical instruments), Faith Carroll (hula hoop)  and many others.  We are looking for another 10 at least.  Please sign up at the LVTC lobby to share your unique skill.  We want to see anything entertaining and age appropriate. 

10&un Champs-  April 30th.  This meet is for all 10&under swimmers with A times.  This year we have 12 qualified swimmers, our most ever!:  Megan W., Jacqueline, Megan H., Sydney, Caroline, Franco, Paige, Taber, Gabriel, Jarred K., Chris, and Collin.  We will have relays for both boys and girls.  Coach Lisa will be in charge and she will sign the relays up at the meet.  Please be sure to wear your LAC clothes, suits, and caps, as you are representing the Green and Black at this meet! 

Stanford Invit-  April 30th.  Last year the Stanford women competed along with some of the best age group swimmers in the US.  We will be bringing 14  swimmers to the meet:  Natalie, Katie, Haley, Nina, Shelby, Shahini,  Catherine, Sarah, Alex, Evan, Andrew, Brendan, Nathan, and Trent.


Aquacowboy parents , we are strongly encouraging you to sign your children up for this clinic for a couple of important reasons: 

First and foremost , it’s a great opportunity for the kids to meet (and race with) people who have achieved at the highest levels of their sport and to realize that they are just normal people, exactly like themselves, who have excelled through discipline and perseverance.  Besides getting in the pool with the kids and helping them on stroke technique, Josh and Megan will tell stories of when they were younger, when they struggled, and when they succeeded, and every child in attendance will be able to ask questions, and connect with these great swimmers.  Also, this is the first time we will have a multiple time Breaststroke Gold Medalist at our pool.  Most of you know, the Breaststroke is a special stroke that requires great technical skill.  This is a huge opportunity to learn Breaststroke from the best. 

Secondly, we as a team have invested a certain amount of money in order to book Olympic Champions for our pool.  The LAC BOD took a calculated risk in bringing in these great champions and teachers because of the amazing educational and inspirational payoff it will have for the kids who attend.  We need 70 kids at this event to break even.  At this point we have 15 kids signed up with another 20 from an outside team committed to go.  If you are unsure about whether or not to sign up, remember that the experience will help both the swimmer, and our team as a whole.   Thank you parents for supporting your swimmers and our team in this enriching experience!

Bear CBA+ Long Course May 14-15-  For many swimmers, this will be the next meet.  As of writing the meetsheet was not out.  Please check daily to find out when it opens.  It should open any day now.  We are encouraging all non-high school, non-summer league swimmers to attend. 

LAC Awards Banquet June 12th 6:30-8:30 pm-  We will be having cake, other desserts, coffee and tea this year as it is after the Crow LC meet and will take place after dinner time.  We will be electing new board members.  If you are interested in being a part of a positive, dynamic group, please speak with a current board member about what it means to be on the LAC board. 

Here are some highlights from the groups Coach Lisa works with:

Novice Black & PreComp: We’ve had a busy week of IM work. All the athletes are getting familiar with kicking, drilling, swimming, and finishing everything for the Individual Medley.  Faith C. has really improved her straight arm butterfly.  Luke H. has practiced his rotation in backstroke.  Paige R.’s timing in breastroke is being perfected. And Kinsey C. has been working on her head position in freestyle.  Repetition of the fundamentals will help many of these athletes in their Summer League season.


Junior: This week we’ve talked about the next phase of training.  For many of these athletes their short course season is done.  The next focus if on Long Course, ending with JO’s and Far Westerns in July/August.  We are trying to enter each practice with these goals in mind.  This week we’ve had some challenging practices, and had several swimmers step up to swim a lifetime best in a 100.  Victoria swam a lifetime best in the 100 free, Josh in the 100 breast, Sarah in the 100 fly, and Matthew in the 100 back. Upcoming events: Talent Show! (next week), 10 & Under Champs (April 30 -for 10&un’s only), BreakOut Swim Clinic (May 1), and the Bear swim LongCourse meet (May 14-15).


Here are some highlights from the groups I work with: 

Novice Black:  Jared K., Franco, Larissa, Sydney, and Gabe have been on fire lately leading their lanes in practice.  Yesterday we had one of our best practices yet, with fast kicking, beautiful technique, and some great racing between these group leaders.  We are excited to see so many Novice Black swimmers participating in the 10&un champs and are eager to see who will join Matthew, Sydney, and Caroline in the ranks of LAC 10&un’s who have JO standards and above.  Jared K, Paige d, Chris G, and Collin T are all within a few seconds (a few tenths for some of them).  Gabe A and Jacqueline aren’t too far behind.  Let’s see how many of them can make their JO cuts at the end of this month!!!  10&un champs swimmers be prepared to swim relays which will be entered by Coach Lisa at the meet. 

Senior Group :  We’ve had a couple excellent weeks of training and LAC Senior swimmers are taking their swimming to a new level.  Katie, Haley, Shahini, and Nathan completed a 6,000 yard mixed intensity freestyle set yesterday, and a 5,000 IM set (Katie, Haley and Shahini)  on Tuesday.  Nina continues to put in awesome efforts day in and day out in mid-distance back/ free/ IM sets.  On Wednesday’s NCS Simulation, Evan swam a golden 23.7 50 back, and Natalie swam her fastest practice 50 fly twice in a row at 28.5   Andrew has been putting in great time in the weight room and transferring his power into the pool with the bands.  Shelby is stepping up her game and swam a 53 100 free with fins and paddles at the end of a 3,000 yard set.  Brendan has been consistently swimming faster than Sectional pace in breaststroke sets and is edging toward Sectionals in the 200 IM.  Leah swum within a second of her lifetime best 50 free at the end of a challenging practice.  Trent is making his way back from a rib injury and swam a great freestyle set yesterday.  Shahini was 100% on her NCS simulation day and won the swim off with our other 100% swimmers, Nathan and Leah.  We are excited to experience NCS where our goal is to achieve 100% lifetime best times!!! 

Thanks LAC families for another great week .  Special thanks to the LAC Board who put in extra time on Tuesday night talking over upcoming events and team policies.  Remember, our banquet this year will be on June 12th.   We have a great history of positive, productive board members who work hard for the good of the kids on our team.  Please speak with one of the current board members about what they do in their roles if you have interest. 

Have a great week!

Coach Alex