2012 LAC Partners & Links
Weekly Update


Greetings Aquacowboy team members.  What a great week it’s been with some awesome training sessions and our 2nd annual talent show! 


Here is a quote for the week: 


“When we do the best we can, we never know what miracle is wrought in our life, or in the life of another.”  -Helen Keller


It is inspiring to see so many young people and their parents doing their best every day to be the best they can be.  Let’s make it a goal to always do our best, at every practice, at every meet, and in how we treat each other. 


Here are some highlights from this past week: 


Talent Show-  Another awesome event!  So many memorable performances.  Thank you to all participants-  The Bass Family, Haley Hamza, Katie Kulp, Kylie Clark, Allie Clark, Nina Hayes, Shelby Swanson, Sarah Swanson, Alex Gonzalez, Sophia Moufarrej, Megan Fairbanks, Taylor Brennan, Kinsey Claudino, Kylie Peters, and Faith Carroll, you were fantastic!!!   We are looking forward to next year’s show already.  Thanks also to Soni Reynolds for taking some great pictures at the event and afterward. 


Here are some upcoming events: 


10&un Champs April 30th-  Not only is it Paige daCosta’s birthday, but it’s also one of the best meets for youngsters in Pacific Swimming.  This year we qualified a record 13 swimmers and will be taking 12, about double last year’s total.  The meet will be awarded by individual year age, and we will have relays which Coach Lisa will enter at the meet.  Ten & under champs is open to all 10&un swimmers with A times.  Our qualifiers this year include:  Sydney, Caroline, Megan W., Megan H., Jacqueline, Franco, Jarred K., Chris, Collin, Paige, Taber, Gabriel, and Matthew.


Stanford Invit April 30th-  Swimmers with Sr. qualifications will be attending at meet at the Stanford University Campus on this day.  They have already been entered and are expected to pay for entries at the meet.  Entered swimmers are:  Sarah, Catherine, Alex, Evan, Andrew, Nathan, Brendan, Haley, Natalie, Trent, Katie, Nina, Shelby, and Shahini.  Let’s have a great meet at one of our nation’s premier universities (almost as good as Cal)  J  



Sign up by tomorrow April 23rd for the clinic and receive admission for the low price of $50.  Beginning April 24th the price will be $60.  If you sign up on the day of the clinic it will be $65.  All ages and ability levels are welcome as long as the swimmer can complete a lap of each of the 4 competitive strokes.  This is truly a great experience that will be remembered by each attending swimmer.  We are starting to have more and more sign ups.  Please sign up now and secure your spot in this clinic with two of USA’s greatest Olympians. 



Here are some highlights from the groups Coach Lisa works with:


Novice Black & Pre-Comp: Its been a fun week with the 2nd Annual LAC Talent Show! We had 4 performers that starred in the talent show.  Great job hula-hooping Faith, singing Kinsey, and piano playing Sarah and Sophia!! I can’t wait to see what talents we’ll show next year. In the pool, we’ve been working on our freestyle kick, rotation, and body position.  Paige has been focusing on keeping her head still. Minh-ha has been a great demonstrator of a fast kick. And William was able to show us some great rotation and distance per stroke.  We’ve braved the “not-so-warm” spring weather and have been working on our dives.  Hannah, Nikolas, and Luke have improved their diving this week.  Make sure you sign up for the BEAR Swim meet May 14-15, it is now open.  It is a long course meet, if you have questions on the course or times let me know.  Also, the BreakOut Swim Clinic is a great way for even these young athletes to get inspired! They will remember forever being able to meet and swim with an Olympian. 


Juniors: Its been a fun week with the 2nd Annual LAC Talent Show! I enjoyed the Clark sisters dance, Alex and Sarah’s orchestra performance, Sofia’s cello performance, and the “invisible bench.”  I know this group has a much broader depth of talent, and can’t wait to draw it out of them next year!  In the water this week, we’ve had a hefty breastroke set on Monday.  AnneMarie, Nicolette, and Sofia showed great effort and focus on that set.  Tuesday we had a hefty hypoxic freestyle speed set.  Megan F. has improved tremendously on her breath control in freestyle.  And on Thursday we had our test set of 16x100 IM holding fastest average.  Tori, Orion, and VJ each gave huge efforts and dropped their average by over 5 seconds!  Coming soon is the 10&Under Champs, with our most athletes ever it should be a great meet.  The BreakOut Swim Clinic, a great way to learn, get inspired, and make lasting memories with some “greats” in US Swimming.  And the BEAR Swim meet May 14-15 is now open! Please sign up for the max events.


Here are some highlights from the groups I work with: 


Novice Gold:  We had a great game of fly over (underwater dolphin kick vs. butterfly swimming) on Tuesday.  The girls beat the boys 10 to 9 in a match that came down to the last lap.   We’ve been having some great practices working on butterfly and freestyle, and improving our distance per stroke.  Group leaders this week include Jarred K, Gabe, Larissa, Paige, Chris and Franco.  We are seeing big improvements from Melinda, Hannah, Chloe, and Nick.  Megan H. did some great work on her butterfly rhythm.  It will be exciting to see Jacqueline, Chris, Jarred K, Collin, Paige, Megan H., and Taber compete at the upcoming 10&un champs.  I wonder how many of them will make new JO times???   


Senior:  Tuesday morning everyone in attendance took a step forward, holding 16 40’s at or faster than 200 goal pace.  Katie, Haley, Trent and Shahini did a 5400 yard IM set and bettered their times from a similar set last week.  Nina was able to hold IM goal pace for 4 broken 200 IM’s.  Brendan was able to hold an IM pace that would place him at NCS for the first time in that event.  Natalie swam a season high school best in the 200IM at a dual meet on Tuesday where Amador High defeated the National Mythical High School Champion Carondelet Cougars.  Shelby did a lifetime best in the 100 free at her last high school dual meet.  Andrew  swam a 75IM simulation faster than Junior National Pace.  After sleeping in for morning practice, Evan did a make up on Tuesday night swimming 10 fifties between 26.2 and 24.8, and 4 under 25.5.  We are looking forward to our team goal of 100% best times at NCS and know we can do this by trusting in the strength of the team, and by encouraging and supporting each other. 


Thanks all LAC families for another great week!  It was awesome to see so much talent on Wednesday.  Have a great week! 


Coach Alex