Madison City Council Meeting...Voice your support of a new 50M pool in Madison


The Madison City Council meeting is TODAY, April 25th at 6:00 P.M. The meetings are held at the Municipal Complex

100 Hughes Road
Council Chambers
Madison, AL 35758


Please come and show your support!

Please read message below from our YMCA Liaison about YMCA 50 m pool...
Reminder:  The Madison City Council will meet in general session, tomorrow, 25 April 11 at 6p.m.  We request all MSA members attend this meeting to show our continued support for a 50M pool in Madison.  All members are encouraged to speak during the open portion of the meeting (3 min max) if you so wish.  John Fellows also intends to speak at the start of the meeting voicing concern for the tenor of recent discussions concerning the Heart of the Valley YMCA’s commitment to phase 2 completion.  MSA has been firm in its support and position that a 50M competition pool is needed AND is a non-negotiable element of the overall project since its concept inception.  We will continue to work with community and Heart of the Valley YMCA leaders to advocate the completion of phase 2 of the Hogan YMCA which includes the competition 50M pool and warm-up pool.  These aquatic facilities are prerequisites to achieving our joint vision not only for competitive swimming, but the full-range of developmental and recreational aquatic programs for all ages in our community. We will also soon have a new HS in the city with 6 HS programs looking for pool space in Madison.  The current facility, without phase 2, is insufficient to support the needs of the current YMCA members and our community.  The Mayor, the Capital Campaign Members, MSA, the city council, and many others financially committed to this project in its entirety and our members and community are looking to the HoV YMCA to complete what was started.  


The City has pledged $1M over 10 years to the Hogan Y with the promise of a 50M pool.  We encourage the city, mayor and council to support the full project, not just a portion of it.  The council supported the project, in part, because the 50M pool would bring in needed tax revenue from the regional swim meets that would come with this facility.


Just being at the meeting will make a difference even if you don’t intend to speak.







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