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Summer Racing Opportunities

Summer Racing Opportunities

As the long course season approaches for many swimmers on our team, it is a good idea to outline the summer racing opportunities available.  This information is up on our website, but I also wanted to strongly encourage CBA+ swimmers to plan on attending all available long course meets.  Here is a list of long course meets our team will be going to.  In bold are the meets for swimmers who do not yet have JO level or higher.  Because there are less meets for this group, it is important to sign up for the available meets so your swimmer will get good summer racing experience: 


May 14-15th Bear CBA+

June 4-5 PLS (Senior only) 

June 11-12 Crow CBA+  (all swimmers, Seniors w/o SCint'l Saturday only) 

June 16-19th Santa Clara (swimmers with SCInt'l standards only) 

July 7-10 JO's (JO qualifiers only) 

July 20-24th Sectionals (Sectional qualifiers only) 

July 23-24th Stockton CBA+ 

July 27- 31 Far Westerns (Swimmers with Far Western Standards only) 

Aug 2-6th US National Championships (Swimmers with US Nat Standards only) 

Aug 8-12th US JR Nat. Championships (18&un swimmers with JR Nat Standards only)   


As can be seen from the above schedule, there are a lot of meets LAC swimmers will be attending this summer, but for swimmers at the CBA level and not yet at JO level, there are 3 long course meets, one for each month.  If you attend each one, you will have a beneficial and well balanced summer.  Please make every effort to attend the available long course meets so that you can gain some long course racing experience, make new cuts, and continue to improve in your swimming.  The Bear meet is now open.  If you haven't signed up, please sign up now. 

Thank you for helping to make our team great,

Coach Alex