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Weekly Update


Greetings Aquacowboy Families.  It’s been an awesome week of training as we head into the 10&un Champs and the Stanford Senior meet.  On Sunday we will have the special opportunity of swimming with TWO OLYMPIANS.  Each swimmer will receive a T-shirt, swimming video, poster, and opportunities to swim with and ask questions to Josh Davis and Megan Jendrick, both Olympic Gold Medalists!  It will be a weekend to remember for many swimmers!  If you are debating whether or not to go, I encourage you to attend, it is a very inspiring event! 


Here is a quote for the week: 


“We don’t have to be superstars of win championships….All we have to do is learn to rise to every occasion, give our best effort, and make those around us better as we do it.”  -John Wooden (Coach of 10 time NCAA Champion UCLA Bruin Basketball Team)

Here are some upcoming events: 


10&un Champs April 30th- We have 13 swimmers qualified and 11 will be able to attend the meet.  We will have relays for both boys and girls.  Qualified swimmers are:  Jacqueline, Megan W., Megan H., Caroline, Sydney, Paige, Taber, Matthew, Collin, Gabe, Chris, Jared, and Franco.  We are sure to have some awesome swims at this meet with several people close to JO and Far Western cuts.  Go get em’ 10&unders!!!    


Stanford Senior Meet April 30th- We have 14 swimmers attending this meet which will be a great chance for some Long Course swimming, and an opportunity to swim at one of the premier aquatic complexes in the Nation.  Swimmers attending Stanford are:  Haley, Katie, Catherine, Alex, Andrew, Evan, Shahini, Natalie, Trent, Nina, Sarah, Shelby, Nathan and Brendan.  Let’s go LAC Senior Swimmers! 


BREAKOUT SWIM CLINIC MAY 1ST- Only a few days to sign up for this clinic.  We have never before had a world class breaststroker at our pool.  This is a great opportunity for people who want to improve their breastroke to learn from master breastroke Gold Medalist Megan Jendrick and from multiple Gold Medalist Josh Davis.  Imagine a young horn player having the opportunity to watch Louis Armstrong, or a young singer being able to learn from Justin…what’s his name??? Oh yeah, Bieber.  Imagine a young basketball player getting a lesson from Sheryl Swoopes, or a young surfer going to the beach with Bethany Hamilton.   This is an awesome opportunity to gain wisdom from some of the greats of our sport!  Sign up today!


Livermore/ Granada Friday May 6th @ Granada HS-  It has become a tradition for our team to attend this dual meet so that young LAC swimmers can support their older teammates in the last dual meet of the season, and also so they can get a sense of what high school swimming is like.  Swimmers from Novice and Juniors are encouraged to attend this dual meet which begins at 4pm.  There will be normal practice for swimmers who do not attend. 


Bear Meet May 14-15th-  For many people on the team this will be their first long course meet of the season.  Juniors will sign up for the 400 free and the 100 fly.  Novice swimmers are encouraged to sign up for the 100 free, the 100 back and the 200 IM.  If you have never swum the event before, put the minimum B time.  For most swimmers this is the only meet in May so please be sure to sign up ASAP.       



Here are some highlights from the groups Coach Lisa works with: 


Pre-Comp & Novice Black:  We’ve become better freestylers this week! Working on our starts, long strokes, fast kicks, turns, and gut-zone finishes.  Its great to see the entire group able to preform a gut-zone while finishing on their side (we still work on that in the Junior group)!  The Pre-Compers even joined us for a challenge of 4x50’s freestyle with flipturns and gut-zone finishes! Great job Faith and Maya!  Minh-ha continues to improve her flip-turn and keep a strong kick.  Ben and Collin have improved their dives and are almost entering with a streamline. And Kinsey, Jessica, and Daiki remain great lane leaders for the group.  Upcoming meets: May 14-15 BEAR.


Juniors: We have had one of our best training weeks! It’s great to see people like Adrianna forming good habits of always holding her breath in and out of flipturns, and Desiree being consistent about taking 7 dolphin kicks off the wall on backstroke.  We are paying attention to detail!  On Monday we finished practice with a 100 backstroke for time.  We had almost everyone be within 5 seconds (if not beat) their best time! Congrats: Sarah, Josh, Taylor, Jenna, Megan F., Matthew, Ben, Adrianna, Victoria, Sofia, AnneMarie, Jared B., Brianna, Alex, and Tucker.  On Tuesday we did our 20x100 freestyle test set.  We had several people step up and swim the last 5 on tough intervals they have never achieved before. Great job Brianna and Josh (making the last [email protected]:20) and Victoria, Matthew, Jared B., and AnneMarie (making the last [email protected]:30)!  On Wednesday the Juniors were given another tough set, and as a group really stepped up and took the challenge!  We did 30x50 alternating 1 easy and 1 at pace.  It was so inspiring to see almost everyone hit at least 1 at their goal pace for racing by July!  Our top swimmers on this set were Caroline with 14/15 at pace, Matthew with 12/15, Victoria with 8/15, and Allie with 7/15. I can’t wait to watch our 10&Unders this weekend and the rest of the Juniors at the Bear meet May 14-15.  Sign up for the 400m free and the 100m fly.


Here are some highlights from the groups I work with: 


Novice Gold:  Yesterday we had one of the best sets of the season doing 4x25 fly, 3x50 back, 2x75 breast and 1x100 free, three times through.  Lane leaders Gabe, Franco, Jarred, Brandon, and Collin did a tremendous job.  Last Friday Brandon swam an A time for the 50 free in practice. It is no surprise that all of these lane leaders will be swimming at 10&un champs along with Paige, Taber, Megan W., Megan H. and Jacqueline.  Sydney, Christina, and Zander also were awesome in their efforts, making the whole set without stopping.  Nick, Hannah, Chloe, and Larissa are showing some real improvement.  We are working on building endurance through a mixture of drills and swimming, continuing to emphasize kick.  We are also working on our listening skills and our ability to focus on many swimming skills within a particular swim.  Please be sure to sign up for the Bear Meet ASAP.  It will be exciting to see some great improvements, and for some swimmer who have never swum long course before, we are looking forward to a positive first experience. 


Senior-  We are cutting down on the morning practices but evening practices have been fast and intense this week.  On Tuesday Trent, Katie, Natalie (pulling), and Haley all swam lifetime practice bests in the 300 free.  Trent went under 3:00 for the first time!  On the same day, Andrew swam 5 broken 100’s back between 56 and 49, then on Wednesday he swam a blazing 47.0 for a 100 back.  Nina swam 5 broken 100’s free between 52 and 49 and on Wednesday swam an awesome 53 for 100 back.  Leah swam 5 broken 100’s all several seconds faster than her lifetime best.  On Thursday we did our final full length NCS simulation.  Natalie hit the golden mark going under 28.5 for the first time in practice for a 50 fly.  She also held three 100’s between 102 and 103.9 fly, the last two from a push.  Cat hit her golden mark going 30.7 for a 50 back.  Shahini has been on fire lately holding at or better than Sectional pace for 50’s and 75’s in practice.  She has also held much faster than her best pace for the 200 IM.  Brendan and Nathan have been more consistent in attendance this week.  Shelby held under her best 100 fly pace for 3 fifties and has been improving her freestyle steadily.  Evan held 3 50’s back between 24.6 and 26.1 at the feet.  Each year for the past 3 years I’ve made a bet with Evan.  This year, if he can win the bet, you will see me with a Mohawk at the pool.  Let’s go Evan, you can do it!   


Thank you all Aquacowboy Families for the enthusiasm and energy you put into making this team great.  Thanks for giving so much to your kids and the friends of your kids! 

Coach Alex