Family Fun Day Rap-Up

I hope everyone who attended had as much fun at today's event as we did.  Each year a large number of our parents get involved in creating an event that is not only a great opportunity for the team to raise the much needed funds to keep our dues costs down, but also create an experience for all of the Osprey families to show up, mix and enjoy.  This was a particularly great event because it gave us all a lot of time to just be together and enjoy each others company. 

We will let you all know the financial outcome as soon as the numbers are run.  And as you know once the family fundraising $$ are added to your accounts we will charge each family's account so that it equals 2/3 of their annual commitment. 

I wanted to thank everyone who took part in the planning and execution of the day.  In particular Kristine Coglitore and Marissa Bacon for the long hours they put in to make this event the success that is was.  From the beginning planning stages until the final chair was put away at the end of the event they worked tirelessly to give everyone their monies worth at this event.  I know the work wasn't done when they left the venue, as I'm sure they spent (and are maybe still spending) hours finalizing all of the transactions.

Thanks also to everyone who attended the Fun Day and purchased items at the auction, your generosity has helped the team immensely.