2012 LAC Partners & Links
Weekly Update


Greetings Aquacowboy Families!  It’s been a busy week for our team with lots of exciting events to review and some great events coming up. 


Here is a quote for the week: 


“Since you get more out of giving joy to others, you should put a good deal of thought into the happiness you are able to give.”  -Eleanor Roosevelt


Thanks to all the parents of our team who give so much to their kids each week.  Thanks to the parent volunteers at the Breakout Swim Clinic, and to our Board Members who are working to set up a great Awards evening, and have put in extra time with the Rewards and Recognition Program. 




Please write your name on all equipment. 

Please pick up towels from the locker room after use. 

If you discover you have taken an item which isn’t yours, please return it to the owner. 


Nina Hayes is missing 1 pair of short fins size 5-6

The Mena Family is missing 1 fin size 5-7, color blue & red


Welcome Jacob Wood: 


Jacob Wood is a former Aquacowboy and DVC swimmer who has begun to volunteer coach with our team 2 days a week.  Jacob has experience working with summer league swimming in Oakley and will be coaching the Electric Eels summer league team this year.  He is currently helping out Coach Lisa and Coach Alex in order to gain experience and coaching knowledge.  Welcome back Jacob. 


Here are some highlights from last week’s events: 


Evan Carlo Commits to UC San Diego:  What an awesome experience it’s been to see the progression and maturing of Evan.  He has been on this team since he was very young and his swimming really started to take off his Freshman year of High School.  Evan has earned a partial scholarship to UC San Diego where he will be an immediate contributor to their swim team and gain a great education.  Good for you and your family Evan!!!



Breakout Swim Clinic:  We capitalized on a great opportunity to learn from two Olympic Gold Medalists at our home pool in such an intimate setting.  Paige daCosta and Nina Hayes won the streamlining awards.  We learned some great drills and perhaps best of all; our swimmers were able to see that these great swimmers are normal people just like them who, with an exceptional amount of focus, have been able to achieve greatness in their field.  Remember Megan Jendrick’s list of 100 goals that she made at age 12?  WOW! 


10&un Champs:  We had some outstanding performances at this meet including both Chris Gonzalez and Collin Trump breaking Alex Gonzalez’s 50 butterfly team record.  (The record now belongs to Collin because he was a little bit faster than Chris).  We also had some great IM swims by Paige daCosta, Chris and Collin.  Megan H. lowered her own team record in the 25 free and Megan W. swam her best time by 2 seconds on the relay.  Jacqueline dropped 4 seconds in the 50 breast, and Matthew lowered his own record in the 50 free while also achieving a best time in the 100 free.  Chris, Collin, Caroline, Taber, Megan and Jacqueline will all still be 10 next year.  Watch out Pacific Swimming, the Aquacowboy 10&un’s are coming with some speed! 


Stanford SR Meet:  This was a very successful meet for where we are in our season.  We had several swimmers with lifetime best times including Katie, Haley, Trent, Shahini, Cat, Alex, Nathan, Sarah and Shelby.  It was great to see so many people swimming the 400, 800 and the 1500.  Nina swam some exceptional races at this point in the season holding her own with athletes from Cal and Stanford.  Andrew and Evan swam solid unrested times. 


Here are some upcoming events: 


Livermore/ Granada Dual Meet-   This meet is Today, 5/6 at 4pm at Granada High School.  All swimmers are encouraged to attend.  You will get the opportunity to watch Evan in his last high school dual meet and to get a sense of what High School swimming is about.  Across the valley, Natalie will be competing in her last high school dual meet for Amador.  Go Seniors! 

(For those swimmers not attending meet, there will be normal practice)


EBAL’s:  May 13-14 at RLCC in Livermore.  Come support Aquacowboy High School Swimmers!   In Livermore! 


Bear Meet :  May 14-15 This will be the kickoff long course meet for many swimmers.  We are looking for great effort and smart racing.  Juniors will be swimming the 400 free and 100 fly.  Awesome! 


NCS/ Walk on Meet:  May 20- 22 at Concord Community Pool.  This meet is the championship for the top 40 swimmers in each event of the North Coast Section.  We are looking to see 100% best times as a team.   


PLS (Senior Only):  June 4-5 This is another great opportunity to get some long course racing.  The meet is now open for sign ups.  All qualifying members are expected to participate. 


Crow CBA+  June 11-12:  This meet is now open for sign ups.  Seniors are expected to compete minimum Sat, Sunday optional.  Swimmers participating at SC Int’l meet are not expected to participate.  All Novice and Junior swimmers please sign up ASAP. 



Here are some highlights from the groups Coach Lisa works with:


PreComp & Novice Black: What a beautiful first week of May! We are having a challenge for the month of May in the PreComp and Novice Black groups.  Each athlete will be tested for 5 skills in each stroke and the Individual Medley.  When a skill is accomplished they receive a star by their name, when all 5 skills for the stroke have been accomplished the athlete will receive an individual prize, and if at the end of May we have enough of the skills perfected across the board we will have an ICE CREAM party! It’s been great to see some athletes already having their 5 skills mastered, like: Skyler and Daiki in freestyle, Sophia B. and Paige in breast, and Minh-ha and Jessica in back. I’m excited to see these athletes keep working toward these great skills! Upcoming events: Bear meet May 14-15 and the Crow meet JUST OPENED June 11-12. Please sign up for the Crow long course meet. If you have any questions regarding long course times or competition let me know.


Juniors: When the weather gets warmer somehow this group becomes even more social! I didn’t think it was possible.  We’ve enjoyed some group social time/discussion while stretching like Olympians, sharing goals for the day, and encouraging each other during hard sets.  We did a test set on Tuesday of 16x100 IM trying to hold your fastest average.  This week we had 100% improvement from the group! AMAZING! We had some people drop their average by over 3 seconds, like VJ, Nicolette, and AnneMarie.  It was great to see Adrianna and Brianna push each other and descend the last 4.  Tori, Matthew, and Sydney have become great training partners in pushing each other to their bests.  Upcoming events: Today (5/6) LHS vs. GHS 4pm at Granada (Good luck Desiree and Adrianna on your last dual meet!), Tomorrow (5/7) for the girls in the Junior and Senior group who attend morning practice (8-9am) will be invited back to my house for pancake breakfast, Bear meet May 14-15, and Crow meet June 11-12 just opened. 


Here are some highlights from the groups I work with: 


Novice Gold:  Jacqueline, Paige, Gabe, Collin, Chris, Jarred Megan H. and Megan W. had great showings at the 10&un champs.  Collin and Chris took home 3rd and 4th place ribbons in the 9 year old 50 fly respectively.  We are beginning to do some more complex sets and people who have recently joined us like Jessie, Melinda, Chloe, Hannah and Nick are stepping up their effort in practice.  It is exciting to see Brandon, Jared, Celine, Megan, and Orion beginning to transition into the Junior Group with a goal of becoming full time Juniors once summer starts.  Please sign up for the Crow Meet ASAP as this will be your only meet in the month of June. 


Senior:  We are beginning our taper and so far have had some great practices.  Trent, Katie, Haley, and Shahini continue to do longer sets a couple times a week.  We have kept the yardage up but have rested in the mornings.  Every member of the group performed some great swims on Wednesday during our speed work.  Natalie hit her golden time again.  Nina, Shelby, Evan, Katie, Andrew, hit some of their fastest times of the season.  Look for Leah to have a great EBAL’s after increasing her workload tremendously over the past couple of months.  We are excited to see what these great swimmers can do at EBAL’s and NCS as we shoot for 100% best times this high school season as a group.    


Thank you all Aquacowboy Families for the awesome support you give our team.  The encouragement and enthusiasm you share with the kids helps them to be their best! 


Coach Alex