Week of May 15, 2011

Practice Changes for Week of May 15, 2011:

·         AM practices Monday, Wednesday and Friday

·         All other practice times as scheduled.


           Reminder:  Hood College will be renovating the pool building and the bubble pool will be closed during construction beginning 5/21.  We look forward to new locker room facilities this fall!  The MAC Spring and Summer practice schedules are detailed below.



·         Minutes of the 4/13/11  Board meeting are posted on the website.  The next meeting is June 8.

·         Please log into your account and review your invoice to ensure your account is up to date.


Spring Practice Schedule

May 21 – June 15, 2011

All practices @ Walkersville High School


Senior Red & Black       Monday-Friday            3:30-5:45pm

                                     M-W-F                        5:15-6:45am

                                     Saturday                     6:00-8:00am


Senior White               M-T-Th-F                    3:45-5:45pm

                                     Saturday                     6:00-8:00am


Age Group II                Monday & Friday         5:30-7:00pm

                                     Tuesday & Thursday    6:30-8:30pm

                                     Saturday                     9:30-11:00am


Age Group I                 Monday & Friday         6:30-8:00pm

                                     Wednesday                 5:30-7:00pm

                                     Saturday                     8:00-9:30am


Novice 1-2-3                 Tuesday & Thursday    5:30-6:30pm

                                     Saturday                     11:00am-12:00pm


Pre-Senior/Masters       Monday & Tuesday       8:00-9:00pm

                                     Wednesday                 7:00-8:00pm

                                     Thursday                     8:00-9:00pm



Summer Practice Schedule

Begins June 16, 2011

 Sr Red & Black            Monday-Saturday        5:30-7:45am    Taskers Chance


Senior White               Monday-Friday            5:45-7:45am    Taskers Chance


Age Group II                Monday-Friday            6:45-8:45am    Clover Hill


Age Group I                Monday-Thursday        7:00-8:45am    Clover Hill


Novice                         Tuesday & Thursday     4:30-6:00pm    Walkersville HS


Pre-Sr/Masters        Monday-Thursday       5:45-6:45am     Taskers Chance