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FAST 500 Meet Updates

Here are the latest 2011 FAST 500 Invitational (May 20-22, 2011) updates.

*       Friday night's events have been limited to the top 72 swimmers (nine
heats) in each event.
*       The Women's and Men's 1500 Free will be contested two swimmers per
lane and will be limited to the top 36 swimmers (4 heats) each day.
*       All 12 and Under 200 events will be limited to the top 30 swimmers
(3 heats).
*       Teams may move a swimmer out of a limited event into another event
until Midnight Monday May 16th (This has been done already).

The meet schedule is below with updated afternoon session times.  Please
inform your participating members.

Friday Evening

Warm-Up @ 4:00 PM/Meet Starts @ 5:00 PM

13 & Overs

Saturday and Sunday Morning

Warm-Up @ 6:30AM/Meet Starts @ 8:00 AM

12 & Unders

Saturday Afternoon

Warm-Up @ Not Before 1:30 PM/Meet Starts @ Not Before 2:30 PM

Sunday Afternoon

Warm-Up @ Not Before 1:00/Meet Starts @ Not Before 2:00 PM