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Summer Meets Explained


Summer meets explained

This was going to be covered at the parent meeting yesterday but, since that was cancelled due to weather, I am posting this news.  We will still have the AG and Junior parent meeting but it has been moved to next Wednesday, June 9th at 6:30 pm (held in the stands during practice.)  There is still much to be covered and this will be a key meeting for all 12-under parents.  We hope to see you there!

As during the winter swim season, the summer season has a rhythm to it and ends with big meets for all levels of swimmers, including New England Championships and a state championship meet. (Granite State Swimming Association)  However, you will notice from the calendar that some things are different.  There are more invitational meets in long course (50 meter) pools and there are very few dual meets.   Here are some of the reasons for this.

Long course is where you want to compete in the spring/summer.  50 meter pools are where championship meets are held in the summer season and is the format for all World Records.  (For those that don't know, there are no world records kept or held in a 25 yard pool…. AKA "short course" pools.)  NE Champs, Jr. Nationals, Senior Nationals, Olympic Trials and the Olympics are all held in 50 meter pools.

But there is a problem with long course pools.  There aren't enough of them, especially in New England.  For this reason, long course meets are sought after by most teams and those that don’t get their entries in early get cut.  Also, no one runs dual meets in long course pools because it is a waste of "real estate".  Why run a dual meet for free when you can host a NE Swimming meet and make over $10,000? 

The summer season also poses another problem.   Families go on vacation.  Since most summer teams are a little smaller than their winter teams, fielding a full team to attend a dual meet can be problematic.  The competition would be "iffy" because you don’t know who would be there …. for either team.  And fielding relays would be touch-and-go with not enough swimmers attending.   The best benefit of dual meets is to qualify swimmers for their required 2 meets to be able to participate in the GSSA State Champs.

So, taking all this into account, here is the swim meet plan for the summer:

· Lots of Long Course meets.  You need the experience competing in 50 meters and it prepares you for the championship meets.

· Fewer dual meets.

· There are LOTS of meets on the schedule and you do not need to attend all of them.  But be aware of the long course ones where you can swim events to qualify for NE Championship meets. 

·  Pick  at least two meets that are GSSA approved so you can enter the GSSA Sate Championships which will be held in Manchester NH on August 6-7.   This is a 50 meter pool….. although the 10-unders will swim the 25 yard course events. (The pool has the two different courses.)

· The Manchester meet on July 1+2 was added to our schedule because the July 1 Friday night meet fell through.  This is a GSSA qualifying meet but is not needed if you already have two GSSA meets on your schedule.   (And swimming only one of the days is OK.)  The June 10 Friday night meet at Manchester YMCA is also a qualifying meet. Shorter meets will qualify even if you only swim one or two events.

· The main team focus will be on qualifying and preparing swimmers for the following meets:

o  New England Senior (Open) Championships   (July 22-24)

o  New England 14-Under Championships   (July 29-31)

o  State GSSA Championships   (August 5-6 in Manchester)

·  There are no "regional" meets during the summer so the GSSA Champs is the important meet to attend for those wanting to cap off their summer season with some super fast swimsJ

·  The GSSA Champs is the last meet of the season for most of the swimmers (who don’t qualify for Super Sectionals, Zones, or Jr./Sr Nationals)  It is just as fun as our Winter Champs with the added benefit of being outside.  And the pool in Manchester is a great facility.  Let's bring everyone together, from the 8-unders to Seniors to show the other 35 clubs in the state what EST can do as a TEAM!

·  Again, make sure that you will attend at least two GSSA approved meets to be eligible to attend Champs …. and save the weekend of Aug 6-7 for that important meet.