2012 LAC Partners & Links
Weekly Update


Hello all Aquacowboys Families. It’s great to be back after a nice weekend with family.  This week we will restart our tradition of recognizing our swimmers of the month.  We will also announce a few important upcoming events. 


Appreciation of Parents:  Thank you all Parents on this team for the sacrifices you make for your kids.  It is always great to hear the kids being grateful to their parents at practice and at meets.  Your awesome parenting example is inspiring. 


Our quotes this week will come from some of the Junior and Senior swimmers who were asked to come up with their own original thoughts after practice on Thursday.  Here are a few of them: 


“Nobody is perfect, we are all weird.”  Alex Gonzalez


“People think simple things aren’t valuable and complicated things are valuable but a lot of times simple things are the most valuable and complicated things are the least valuable.”  Nathan Boas


The sky is blue, everything is going to be alright.”  Shahini Ananth 


“If you notice things in your life to appreciate, you will feel happy.”  Katie Kulp


“Just like it’s important to cut different sized logs for the fireplace, we are all different and that’s a good thing.  Brendan Schierloh


If you are in the Novice group and have a thought you’d like to share for next week, please let the coaches know and maybe we will use it for our quote of the week. 


A note on Signing Up For Meets in Pacific Swimming: 


Pacific Swimming has approximately 16,000 swimmers.  Most meets allow between 400-800 swimmers before they close.  Because of the size of our LSC, meets close very quickly, especially in the summer when there are less offered.  It is important to sign up for meets immediately when they open.  As soon as you receive the update email that a meet has been opened, please sign up so you are assured a spot in the meet. 




Congratulations VJ, Chloe, and Sophia for receiving great grades and earning a free smoothie from LVTC.  If you have your report card and have gotten great grades, bring it to Coach Lisa or Coach Alex and we will give you a gift card for a free LVTC smoothie.  BE EXCELLENT IN SCHOOL!


Here are some upcoming events: 


PLS Senior Meet:  This meet is for people with Senior time standards.  It will take palce this weekend in Pleasanton. 


LAC Awards Banquet:  Sunday June 12th, 6:00 PM.  Please plan on attending this event where swimmers can be acknowledged for their great efforts.  We will hand out A time T-shirts, Polar Bear T-Shirts, and Coaches’ Awards.  We will also have LAC BOD elections. 


Orinda CBA+ Meet:  This meet will take place the 25th and 26th of June in Orinda.  If you haven’t already signed up it’s too late, the meet has been closed. 


JO’s, San Jose:  This meet is now open.  Please sign up for all qualified events.  If you qualify for more events at Orinda, you can always update your entry. 


Stockton Invit  July 23-24th:  This meet will be the last meet of the summer for swimmers who do not attend Far Westerns or the end of the summer meet in Walnut Creek (no coaches will attend Walnut Creek but you are encouraged to go if you feel inspired to). 


Here are some highlights from the groups Coach Lisa works with: 


PreComp & Novice Black - The Swimmer of the Month is awarded to someone who has shown great improvement, leadership, and consistency within the last month.  Our Swimmer of the Month is...Araceli!  Araceli joined our team about 3 months ago knowing only the basics of freestyle and backstroke.  Araceli has shown quick improvements in all 4 strokes, flipturns, and finishes.  Araceli has become a leader in the group leading by example with good listening and stepping up to lead her lane and challenge others in the workout.  Great job Araceli! Upcoming events: the start of Summer League season for many of our PreComp and Novice swimmers, can’t wait to see you race.  Awards Banquet June 12, please make this a priority to attend!


Juniors - The Swimmer of the Month is awarded to someone who has shown great leadership, attendance, race skills, and work ethic.  Our Swimmer of the Month is... Cat Elliot!  In the month of May, Cat was 1 of 3 Juniors with 100% attendance!  Not only has Cat’s attendance been high, but she has been working harder than she has all year.  Cat has been improving the consistency and speed of her dolphin kicks in backstroke, she has been consistently hitting Far Western paces, and has challenged herself to move toward hitting the Sectional pace successfully.  It’s great to see Cat take initiative to reach her goals! Great job Cat! Upcoming events: Awards Banquet June 12, please make this a priority to attend. Orinda Meet June 25-26. Junior Olympics July 7-10 in San Jose is now open, please sign up for all qualified events.


Here are some highlights from the groups I work with: 

Novice Gold:  Our first swimmer of the month is Gabe Akins.  Gabe regularly is one of the first swimmers in the water when practice begins.  He is a lane leader and loves to race in practice.  He has one of the highest attendance rates in our group.  Gabe also encourages others to work hard by challenging them to race and to do their best in practice.  He has improved all four strokes greatly and is on the verge of making his first JO times after beginning the season at the B level.  With his work ethic and enthusiasm, we are sure to see great things from Gabe in the future.   It was difficult to pick a swimmer of the month because we’ve had some great practices from Megan H., Larissa, Chris, Collin, Hannah, Franco, Chloe, and many other Novice Swimmers.  Paige is becoming powerful with his underwater dolphin kicks and Katie has been chosen as a demonstrator several times.  Sydney’s work ethic has increased greatly from last year to this year and she has begun to take pride in leading her lane.   


Senior Group:  Shahini will be our first recipient of a Green Cap for her work in the month of April.  She had an amazing month where each day she seemed to do something in practice she’d never done before.  This culminated with an outstanding performance on our quality day where she beat every one of her goal paces for 12 swims.  For the month of May we chose Andrew for his outstanding performances at EBAL’s, NCS, and the Walk on Meet.  This was a very difficult decision as almost every one of our swimmers made it to a new level and got best times.  The reason Andrew is our swimmer of the month for May is because of the great dedication he showed between NCS 2010 and NCS 2011.  In 2010 he was 17th (1st Alternate) in both of his events.  Andrew chose to take the disappointment and frustration he felt and channel that into a higher level of dedication.  Between NCS 2010 and NCS 2011 Andrew’s attendance was above 95% (10 practices per week).  He finished May with 7 best times dropping over 25 seconds combined.  He had two All-American Consideration times, and 4 Junior National Bonus times.  The best thing about Andrew’s success is that he is using it as a platform to even higher goals such as making Junior Nationals this summer, increasing strength in the weight room, and getting great grades and SAT scores.  Way to go Andrew! 


Thank you All Aquacowboy Families, have a great week! 


Coach Alex