Herich Battles Conditions To Finish 10K


On Friday morning, 43 girls and 66 guys took to the water to swim in the 2011 USA National 10k Open Water in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Unfortunately not all swimmers would finish the race. Only 28 girls and 54 guys crossed the finish line. The remaining swimmers either retired during the race or were forced to end the race before finishing because the water conditions were becoming too rough for the remaining participants to finish.

Lauren Herich was one of the 28 girls who finished the race. In fact Lauren finished an impressive 28th place in her 1st ever 10k race. Many participants including J.K. Koehler of the Dayton Raiders who has participated in this race before said it was the roughest conditions he has ever swam in. “If you finished this race you can finish any 10k race out their” JK explained. These words brought a very big smile to Lauren’s face when she heard this.

Lauren was beaten up in the swim from the conditions with sun burn and scratches from seaweed but said she was happy with everything she learned from this race and is all ready looking forward to next year’s race.  This year was a very difficult race to prepare for since Lauren is trying to balance the 10k race and her 1st appearance in the USA Swimming Junior National Meet later this summer. “It has been tough but I know I am doing the right thing, this is a big summer” said Lauren.

Tomorrow older sister, Carlie Herich, will be swimming in the 5k race at Nationals. This will be Carlie’s 1st National appearance as well. “Hopefully the conditions will be a little calmer” explains Carlie. She was very impressed with her sister’s performance yesterday and is very excited to hit the water tomorrow herself. You may remember last summer Carlie was the 2010 USMS 10k Open Water Champion for all ages. The 5k is more of a sprint event for her but she is ready to go. 

Northern Kentucky Native, Emily Brunemann, also participated in the 10k race yesterday. After leading the race for nearly 75% of the race found her body was not cooperating with her and ended up finishing 6th overall. Emily was rushed to the hospital after the race to be treated for heat Exhaustion, dehydration, fatigue. She was released from the hospital last night and is doing fine. Though she was disappointed to end the race this way, she said she is very fortunate to be ok. “I gave it my all” said Bruno. Northern Kentucky is very proud of her.