Carlie Herich Has Her Own Battle In 5k

On Sunday morning Carlie Herich stepped up to the ocean for her race in the 5k swim. Excited by the extreme opposite water conditions(very calm water) compared to what her sister Lauren faced, Carlie was anticipating a good swim. With almost double the amount of girls in the 5k vs. 10k we knew it was going to be a really rough start with all swimmers batteling for position. Carlie quickly jumped out into the first 500 meters in the top 15 but was accidently hit with an elbow in the nose that caused a bloody nose but nothing that would stop Carlie overall. The pace of the event proved very quick and Carlie found herself batteling to stay in the top half during the first lap. Being better at the 10k, Carlie showed this as she was coming on very strong during the second lap and by the time she hit the finish line she felt she had just got going. Overall Carlie had an incedible swim despite her own battle with elbows and a very tight field finishing 45th less than 8 minutes off the winner.