Fry Springs Meet Info

Here are a couple of important pieces of information for tomorrow's meet:

1. Please have swimmers to the pool by 4:45 ready to stretch.  One team will warm-up in the pool from 5 - 5:30 and another team from 5:30 a little before 6, so we need to be ready to go.  They try to start the meets as promptly as possible by 6 pm.  If you are timing the first half, or this is your first time and you are doing 2nd half, please try to arrive by 5:30 so you can attend the timers meeting and get any last minute instructions.  We still have volunteer jobs available, please sign up on the website.

2.  Please plan accordingly.  Fry Spring's is recommending the following directions if you are coming from Fluvanna to avoid the traffic issues caused by bridge reconstruction - 64 to the 5th Street Exit, then right and turn left on Harris Street (after the Food Lion).  Go past Jackson Via School and then at the stop sign go right.

3.  Bring your folding chairs and blankets, there are nice grassy areas by the pool.  You can bring your own picnic/snacks, but they also usually have a concession stand open as well.

4.  This is a 50 meter pool so we will not be swimming the relays that are only 25m/y legs since there is no place for them to switch out.  The format is Medley Relay and Long Frees, which means we will start off with the Medley Relays (4 swimmers each swim one lap of either back, fly, breast, free), then swim all the freestyle events, all the butterfly events, all the backstroke, all the breaststroke and then finish up with the long frees (50/100). 

5.  The JSL numbers their events as a two digit code beginnin with 2's.  So 22 will indicate freestyle girls (even numbers are girls).  All the freestyle events are 20"s (the 15-18 girls end on the next series, so their event is 30).  If an event has a P attached it is for 6 and unders and does not score.  A very proficient  5 or 6 year old may, at times swim up in the 8 & Under division, and then will be able to score points, but the "P" events are not scored, just ribboned.  The "P" events are just free and back.  If a six and under wants to swim breast, fly or long free they must swim with the 8 & Under age group.

6.  The swimmers will be organized at the "Clerk of Course".  This is usually a designated area by the starting block end of the pool that will have benches.  Volunteers from each team help assemble the swimmers in lane and heat order so that they can be walked up to the blocks.  You will hear events called "to the clerk of course" through out the night. 

7.  We will post a list of events that swimmers are scheduled to swim, by Wednesday at noon.  You will be able to view this list on our website on the "news" section and can help your swimmer know when to go to clerk.  If you are new to swimming, a common thing to do is to write the swimmers event numbers on their arm with a sharpie marker (nail polish remover will take it off the next day).  You will see kids all over Charlottesville with numbers on their arms Thursday morning after Wednesday night meets.  Heat Sheets are usually provided by the host team for a small fee.  This will help you see what heat and lane your swimmer will be in, however, they may, in the effort to save time, condense heats if they have a lot of no-shows.  This helps move the meet along faster, so it's sometimes best to be watching the pool as close to the start of the age group for your swimmer.

8. Swimmers should always double check with the coach before leaving the meet, to make sure they don't have them entered in any extra events.

9.  We try very hard to encourage good sportmanship in our swimmers.  We suggest they shake hands and say nice race to the swimmers in the lanes next to them and politely ask the timers for their time as they exit the pool.  They should then get the time and go see the coach after their race.

10.  DO NOT PANIC if your child gets disqualified.  This is not a big deal and will be addressed by the coaches.  The coaches will determine and appeal the decision if they feel it was inappropriate, not a parent. Everyone gets DQ'd at one time or another and at FAST we believe it's a learning opportunity.  The coaches want the swimmers to do the strokes correctly and will work with the swimmer during practice the following week on anything that dq'd them at the meet.  The coaches do get a list at the end of the meet that tells them the reasons for the DQ.

11.  Please refrain from distracting the referees and officials during the meet by either casual conversation or questioning their job.  It's not appropriate for a parent to talk to an official directly during a swim meet and they all have a very important job.  Please take the time to thank them if anything, because most of these volunteers end up working the whole meet because we have so few willing to make the committment to do the training it takes to be a Stroke & Turn Official, Referee or Starter.  Just like you wouldn't talk to a referee during the middle of your child's soccer match, or the umpire at a baseball game, just because the ref's at the pool are a little more physically accessible, doesn't make them available.

12.  Throughout the night results will be posted somewhere at the pool so you can see the time and place your child swam.  IF you see an "x" by the time, it means that they swam the event as "exhibition".  This can happen for several reasons but all it means is that your child swam the event for a time and is not eligible to score points or place in the event.  We are limited usually to the number of official events a swimmer is allowed to enter in a meet, so sometimes, in order to give a chance for a swimmer to try a new stroke, or get a time in some of the events we don't swim every week, a coach will put them in as exhibition.

That's probably enough for now so I don't overload you with info.  It's supposed to be a good weather day tomorrow I believe, but in case that changes, please come to the meet regardless of the weather.  It has to be significantly storming early on for a meet to be cancelled or postponed prior to the 6pm start time.  We will swim in light rain (ok, we've swam in heavy rain too) rather than postpone a meet.  Althought the weather is usually great the next day, we lose a lot of swimmers and volunteers when we have to switch nights, so we make every effort to get the meet in on Wednesday night.


Please let me know if you have any questions.