Do you need team gear or Pizza?

Have you been wondering how you can get your hands on one of those snappy FAST T-shirts? Or maybe you want a magnet for your car to tell everyone on which team you swim?

If you are looking for team gear, see Tammy Doublestein at the meet tomorrow night.  She will have a variety of items with her including...

T-shirts - $12.00
Silicone Caps - $13.00
Latex Caps - $4.00
Magnets - $5.00 (for vehicle)
Suits (F) - $58.54
Suits (M) - $37.01(Checks for suits should be made out to Sports Fair not FAST.)
And if your family eats Dominos pizza, how about helping out the team and yourself!  Be the family hero when you pick them up from practice with the smell of hot pizza in the car (or on the way home)!
FAST is selling Domino Cards for $10.00.  These cards have 16 tabs to buy one at regular price and get 1 free (it only applies to pick up orders).  It's a great deal (they often don't collect the tabs so you'll probably get more than 16 free pizzas!  Who doesn't like free?!
All proceeds go to team.

If you aren't going to be at the meet but still need some gear, see Tammy at Camp Friendship practice from 6 - 7:30 pm (she helps coach in "the Well".)