ATAC Pool and Parking Information


Parking – This can be a problem at the Trousdell Center especially on Friday and Saturday since there are also gymnastics classes using the same lot.  Tallahassee Mall is less than a 2 minute walk and the office complex across John Knox Road has plenty of parking space (AFTER 5:00 ON FRIDAY).  These are the best places to park for the meet, so you do not get stuck in the parking lot traffic.



Concessions – Our volunteers have put together a nice variety of food items.  Please visit the concession stand located near the activity pool.



Activity Pool – The activity pool will be open some hours during the meet for siblings and families to enjoy.  Activity pool hours will be posted at the pool.


Vendor - Total Teamwares will be on site for all your swimwear and equipment needs.


Trash – Please be sure to clean up the area around you before you leave.  Trash and Recycling receptacles can be found all around the pool deck.


Pool Deck – Space is limited on the pool deck west of the retaining wall.  Only coaches, swimmers, officials and volunteers will be allowed in this area, no spectator tents are allowed.  Space to set up tents for teams is available east of the retaining wall. 


Photography - USA Swimming regulations prohibit photography of any type behind the starting blocks.  This includes mobile phones and handheld devices and will be strictly enforced by meet officials.


Thunderstorms – in the event of inclement weather, the staff at the pool may have to ask swimmers and parents to clear the deck.  Arrangements have been made for the swimmers to access the Gymnastics Center, but parents should go to their cars if parked on the property.  Otherwise, they too can go to the center.  For Friday and the morning session on Saturday, the gym will be a bit crowded due to classes, so if we need to use the gym building during that time, swimmers should remain in the hallways and spectator seating area, keeping the pathways clear for the gymnastic class participants.


Thank you for your patience and understanding in these matters and we will assure you we will make every effort to accommodate your team’s needs in the best fashion possible. 


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