Rossmoor Masters Swim Club Gets Under Way

Rossmoor Masters swim program gets under way in Rossmoor

The newly formed Rossmoor Masters Swim Club invites all residents to visit its weekly workouts at Hillside pool. This new club is a sister club to Walnut Creek Masters Swim Club.

In the club, Rossmoor residents benefit from the expert coaching of Walnut Creek's head coach, Kerry O'Brien, and assistant coach, Lisa Ward. Swimming experience is preferred but not mandatory to be part of the program.

Currently, the group meets from 9 to 10 a.m. Mondays and Thursdays at Hillside pool. If more residents join, the coaches will add an additional session at Hillside the same hour.

Members pay Walnut Creek Masters $350 for 68 one-hour sessions that run through Dec. 31. Members may substitute or make up missed workouts at Walnut Creek's Heather Farm pool. The fee amounts to about $5 per session and includes membership in U.S. Masters Swimming.

Rossmoor Master's Swim Club dues has yet to be determined. For information, contact Rossmoor Aquatics Supervisor Don Powell, at Del Valle pool, at 988-7853.