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2011 Summer Meets for the Jets

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Our Senior, Junior and Age Group swimmers enjoyed a fantastic opportunity to attend a training session with 2 specialists from Salt City Physical Therapy.  Todd and Brandy (former collegiate swimmer) are certified therapists that specialize in shoulder rehab and injury prevention.  They ran through a 7-station shoulder strengthening circuit with the swimmers that targeted the muscles that help stabilize the shoulder.  Of all body parts, shoulders certainly bear the most strain in our sport because of the constant repetition.  Not only did they volunteer their time, but they also provided water bottles and dropped off several dozen therapy bands that are used in 5 of these exercises.  Those bands will be available at the pool for use before or after practices.  More committed swimmers looking to keep their shoulders healthy and add longevity to their careers should also look to complete this circuit at home.  (We only have so much time at the pool with the kids - and this is certainly something that can be done at home or on the road when swimmers can't make it to the pool for practice).  In an effort to keep costs low for families, we purchased 100 feet of tubing to make "home" models of the bands.  Those should be available next week.  If interested, just see Zac at the pool…$5 will cover the cost of the band.  Informational packets with pictures demonstrating the movements were also provided.  We'll have several copies at the pool for anyone that missed last night's practice.