2012 LAC Partners & Links
Weekly Update

Greetings Aquacowboy Families, we are in the thick of summer and it is great to see so many people progressing on our team.  Several swimmers are doing great in summer league, and others are excelling at the USA Swim meets.  This will be a short update with a few reminders and things to look forward to. 

Orinda:  As you may know from emails, the Stockton meet has been canceled but a new meet in Orinda is being offered.  This meet will fill up quickly and it is important to sign up ASAP as this will be the last meet of the summer for many families in Pacific Swimming.  Please sign up tonight!  You will not be able to enter NO Time, so if there is an event you swimmer is competing in for the first time, please enter the minimum time or make an educated guess for their time. 

JO's:  This weekend 19 LAC swimmers will compete at JO's.  This will be a great opportunity for swimmers of our team to compete with the best.  For most of the Seniors it is a chance to get times to qualify for All-Star meets and a tune up for Sectionals.  For most of the Juniors it is their main meet of the summer.  Let's go team! 

Here is some information about perspective and technique emphasis on our team: 

Efficiency:  The number one way to ensure long term success in this sport is to develop efficiency in technique.  This starts when the swimmers are very young.  Recently, we have upped our focus on the underwater dolphin kick technique in practice for the Novice level swim groups.  At the Novice age, most of the swimmers aren't powerful enough to make their dolphin kick faster than their swimming, but if they develop good technique with the dolphin kick at a young age, when they are older and develop more power, it will pay off greatly. 

Strength:  We are very fortunate to practice at a club which has dryland facilities comparable to most college swim programs.  It is great to work on strength, even at a young age, if it is done with proper technique.  The number one best strength exercise that relates directly to swimming is most likely the pull up.  People of all ages can do pull ups.  If you want to work with your child on strength and he/she isn't yet strong enough to do a pull up, you can have the child bend his/her legs and you can assist with the pull up.  The best exercises for young swimmers to do in the weight room are pull ups, push ups, dips, sit ups, and back arches.  If you child becomes proficient in these exercises, he/she will have a great foundation for later.  If you have the opportunity to put a pull up bar in your home, it will help your child gain strength greatly, and it is fun! 

US Nationals/ Junior Nationals:  We are fortunate this summer to have the US National and Junior National Championships just down the road at Stanford in Palo Alto.  The US Nationals will take place August 2nd- 6th and the Junior Nationals will take place August 8-12th. We have several swimmers with opportunities to qualify for US National and Junior National time standards this summer.  Nina Hayes will be competing in the Junior Nationals.  Michael Phelps, Natalie Coughlin, Rebecca Soni, Natalie Coughlin, and many other Olympic Gold Medalists will be competing at the US Nationals.  If you will be in the area, please make an effort to attend at least one session.  There is nothing better for inspiring dreams than to see the best in the world in person. 

Thank you all Aquacowboy families for the great efforts you make to help our team be great,