Parking, Pool Area, and Food Lists are Posted

Hi all,

As we talked about tonight at the meeting I am attaching the two pictures - for parking and team set up.  Also I have attached the Qualifier food list.  Thanks again to all the people that have offered food and drink.  For those of you that didn't specify when you were planning on bringing it in I left it under an unspecified column.  Also, I know some people told me they were bringing something tonight and I forgot - for that I apologize!
If you weren't at the meeting tonight we just went over any questions and concerns anyone had about the upcoming meet.  Primarily, timing and parking.  Timing is fairly straightforward however the parking, at times, may be a challenge.  For that reason we are asking that the PHX parents park down at the baseball fields - its all the way down Precourt Street (its one street down from Head St.).
Lastly, the only thing I didn't bring up at the meeting is tents.  Right now we have two tents but we were hoping to have enough to cover the timers - its probably going to be quite hot on Friday and Saturday.  My best guess is that we would need 3-4 tents for behind the starting blocks.  If you have an extra tent that you would be willing to offer for the weekend that would be great!
Thanks again - I know we have asked for a lot, but please know how much its appreciated.
Have a great day tomorrow!