Meet Recap


If you didn't  stay for the finish you missed an exciting end to a great meet.  Throughout  the meet FAST was slightly behind CGST and our FAST relay swimmers turned in some outstanding swims during the relays to put FAST ahead when the meet ended.  In looking around the pool while the relays were in action, it was hard to tell who was yelling louder and jumping higher - the Coaches or the swimmers behind the blocks!  The pool perimeter was packed with spectators cheering the swimmers on.   Congratulations to all the swimmers for their hard work and focus last night.  While the winning was fun, een more important is that we saw many personal best swims as well!  Congratulations to all the swimmers for their focus and dedication.  We are in the home stretch with two more meets to go before the championship meet at the end of the month.  For details on the results click here.

The meet summary wouldn't be complete without a thank you to all the parent volunteers who helped the meet finish before 10:30.  I appreciate that you all respected the Louisa's pool staff and rules about waiting patiently to come on deck until 5:00 and leaving your coolers outside until 5:30.  I appreciate all the stroke and turn judges and officials that worked the entire meet.  Greg and Moe did a great job of moving the meet along in an efficient manner despite having a couple of reswims.  I appreciate that the timers adjusted to the timing sheets for the 25's.  For the first time we did it this way, it went fairly smoothly.  Unless you have had to run the cards around the deck from the swimmers to the timers for all the 25's you can't understand why any effort to simplfy this is being made.  Also, thanks to the 2nd half timers. Thank you for taking your positions in a timely manner with only one announcement.  There isn't that much room on the deck for the runners to move around as quickly as necessary - plus it's quite a workout!

I would also like to thank some of the parents behind the scenes that you don't always see - Leah Billingsley behind the computer and Tammy Doublestein behind the table. Thank you to the volunteers that helped at the table to sort and prepare the cards for entry, check the results and put labels on the ribbons we couldn't do it without you, but Leah and Tammy end are often located out of site of the pool/races for the whole meet and often miss their own swimmer's events to keep the meet moving along and start working from the minute we walk in the gate and are still working as the guards are cleaning up the deck. 

Thanks to our great team at Clerk of Course.  They do a great job of  managing the chaos at the clerk and moving the swimmers along to the blocks.  If you think it's hard keeping your swimmer organized for three races imagine processing 700+swimmers.  Please take a minute to say thanks!

And a big thanks to Lonnie Doublestein and Bill Helfrich.  They are always willing to tote boxes, hook up lights, find an extension cord, rig this, hang addition to their respective head timing and DJ/Announcing duties.

With all that being said, we can still use some more help.  We still host two more meets and we need some more helpers at the table to sort cards, a few more runners to collect cards and sort them,  a results checker, post results, hand out heat winner ribbons and pass out water to volunteers.  We will be putting the meet up later today for sign-up to attend the meet and volulnteer.  Please take the time to sign-up to help these last two meets.  It really does take 40 - 60 volunteers just from our team to make it all work well.  If you had a good time at the meet last night, it was because of all the great volunteers who helped make it happen.  After every meet the other team scores us on sportsmanship.  Some of the questions reflect on us as a team and our willingness and readiness to provide an efficient meet, so having ready and willing volunteers goes along way.

We have a great team in and out of the water !