JSL Champs - Volunteers

FAST Families,

Far be it from me to get ahead of ourselves, however, in order to pull off the JSL Championship meet, requires a lot of organization and advance planning.  As you will see in emails today, it takes 4 sessions to accomodate the 3,000 swimmers in the JSL.  Granted they all don't swim the championship meet, but it is a large undertaking and after 45 years of doing this, they have the process down to a science for the most part.  We have very experienced people who organize this meet and it is really a smooth running operation.

However, to make that happen there are many people that give up time to work all four sessions and give time up all summer long to make this a rewarding experience for your swimmer so you can understand why we ask you to help with the session in which your swimmer is scheduled to participate.  This is a 10 lane pool so we need 30 timers at any given time and a lot of relief timers.  You are required to work the entire session, however, there are relief timers that will give you a break to eat, get a drink, go to the bathroom, etc...

We need hall marshalls that make sure the kids don't run on the steps, run in the locker rooms, hang out in the showers, etc....This job is in air conditioning and allows you to go out on deck to watch the races.

We need clerk of course helpers - these adults just make sure the swimmers keep moving around the pool deck in an orderly fashion - it is a bit different than the weekly meets and allows you to be on deck to see the meet.

We need people to help sort results, help do ribbons, post results, deck runners, deck marshalls to make sure the right people are on deck and keep traffic move etc...

The positions on deck go FAST because everyone likes to be down where the action is!  Please don't wait to be asked - let me know what you are willing to help with and which session.

If you think your family will be at other sessions than just the ones your swimmer is in, feel free to volunteer for those sessions - we just need everyone to help out in some way!